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SeeHash Professional Electronic / Electrical Engineers to service Electronics Equipments on Commercial and Industrial devices.Our main strength lies in Research, Design and Development with world-class professionals and technically sound engineers. All our Products are designed, manufactured by us. We have established a very higher…

Embedded Systems

Product companies are expected to deliver more business value to their end customers in the dynamic business scenarios and meet the short-term and long-term objectives of their organizations. SeeHash, with its define, design, develop and validate (DDD&V) capabilities, backed by industry-focused R&D, simulation / prototyping facilities, domain expertise, reusable assets, solution accelerators and industry alliances, helps companies achieve their product development and sustenance initiatives.

Client Challenges

 Better and smaller designs with new features, technologies and improved usability

 Faster go-to-market

 Development of eco-friendly products that adhere to stringent compliance standards

 Availability of modular and reusable components for easy scalability, enhancements and localization

What SeeHash Provides

We have capabilities across the product technology stack of digital, analog, mixed-signal and RF products. Our NPD services encompass the entire product lifecycle, from ideation and requirements formalization to design and prototyping and then sustenance engineering. Our services include the following:

 Formal and verifiable requirements capturing, coupled with modeling and simulation to ensure that the marketing requirements are stated unambiguously

 Architectural definition including hardware / software system partitioning

 VLSI design and verification that includes ASIC, FPGA, CPLD and SoC

 Micro processor and DSP-based designs

 Circuit design and PCB development and bring up complex boards up to 22 layers and over 3,000 components

 Middleware components

 Software applications and utilities for device management, configuration, monitoring and diagnostics

 GUI and HMI design

 Device and platform connectivity solutions including communication protocols, security and data transfer components

 Independent V&V services like design verification, hardware / software testing and qualification test services like environmental, EMI / EMC and (H)ALT

We take complete ownership of your design besides providing contract manufacturing and spares management services. Leveraging our DDD&V capabilities, we offer Product Sustenance services that include the following:

 Formal and verifiable requirements capturing, coupled with modeling and simulation to ensure that the marketing requirements are stated unambiguously

 Value engineering to optimize product BoM and / or design from a cost perspective

 Obsolescence management to replace obsolescent or non-available parts of a product BoM

 RoHS compliance to replace non-compliant parts in a product BoM

 Reverse and re-engineering to facilitate compliance, product documentation and upgrades / enhancements


 SCOSTA-based operating system: SeeHash’ SCOSTA can help you to deploy smart card technology for various applications such as driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates, national identity cards and electronic passports.

 Hybrid Broadcast-Broadband TV (HbbTV) Receiver Solution: SeeHash’ Hybrid Broadcast-Broadband TV (HbbTV) Receiver Solution enables TVs and set-top boxes to access new interactive broadcast services including catch-up TV, Video on Demand (VoD), interactive advertising, personalized Electronic Program Guides (EPG) and social networking.

 Connected Health: SeeHash has developed a connectivity and interoperability framework - Connected Health - based on the vision shared by Continua Health Alliance. This aligns with medical / health device communication standard IEEE 11073.

Business Value

 Key alliances in materials research, product testing and certification support

 Captive Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in technology and application domains

 Mature processes for project management, engagement management, account relationships and support functions








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