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Kindle Your Spirit

Librocubicularist …BIBLIOBIBULI.. 

No.., these are not spells from the harry potter movies and they are not biological names either.  These are actually words used to describe a book lover.  Bibliobibuli is the name given to a person who reads excessively and Librocubicularist is a person who reads even while in bed.

Man’s fascination with words and his desire to express his thoughts and ideas led to the creation of books. Thanks to the invention of the mechanical printing press, more and more people started falling in love with reading. In fact, book reading was the most favourite leisure activity for both men and women alike in the Victorian era.

Today as we are on the verge of entering a completely digitized world filed with downloadable e-books and personalized e-book readers, book lovers from around the world are worried that digital technology might completely wipe out the good old hard covers and the colourful paperback books. Recently, Amazon released their high end e-book reader, Oasis 2 and it was received with much acclaim by the kindle fans. Ever since Amazon ventured into the     e-book business with the release of their first kindle device in 2007, there has been a steady rise in the number of people taking to e-books. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos struck gold with his decision to create the world’s best e-book reader.

Now many renowned and best-selling authors are willing to release their books exclusively as e-books on kindle rather than going for a traditional printed book release. However there is still a large population of people who have faithfully stuck to their hard covers and paperbacks. The reason is simple, no matter how elegant and stylish the e-book readers are, they cannot experience the fresh yet familiar smell between the pages of the book or the crisp crumble from the paper book. For many, the feeling of holding the book in their hands, completes the experience of reading.

Many avid readers and eminent scholars are assured that as long as Bibliobibulis and Librocubicularists exist in the human population, the world will not see the end of the printed book.

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