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Some awesome must-know tricks for computer users

Video recording your screen good be quite a hassle. There are a lot of software available that could do the task, but either the software is expensive or the free software has limitations or watermarks.

But there are other ways you could record the screens.

1. Record Videos using PowerPoint:

Follow the below steps to record and save computer screen using PowerPoint.

1. First open your MS-Powerpoint’13 and choose a blank slide.

2. Next open the window or the screen which you want to record.

3. Next switch to the Power Point and click “INSERT” at top menu bar , then at extreme right you see “Screen Recording” option click it.

4. Then you’ll be taken for selecting the size of your recording. There you can select any window or the whole desktop for recording. You can start , pause or stop recording your screen from the pop up bar which you see at top of your screen when you move your mouse(or Can use shortcuts ).

5. After completion of your recording , your recorded video opens up in Power point.

2. Make a file inaccessible

To make any of the file on your PC inaccessible just change the extension of the file to your desired. To make a notepad file inaccessible just change “.txt” to any extension say “.tt” that’s it only you can know the actual format of the file. Anybody can see that file on your Desktop but cannot do anything unless they knew the original file format.

3. NotePad in chrome browser

If you want to note down something quickly while browsing you have to open a notepad or any text editor. But using simple code you can create free space on your browser to be used it as notepad. Paste the below code in your address bar and start using notepad in your browser. You can bookmark it for later quick usage.


4. Remove Shortcut virus using Cmd

Cmd in windows is a very useful tool for tweaking your computer. Using this you can remove shortcut virus from flash drives or memory cards with simple commands.
First select the drive (external or internal) which has shortcut virus in it and then press shift and right clickon it. From the drop down list select “open command windows here“. Next enter the below command
>>attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d f:*.* and enter. Here f should be replaced by drive letter.
After execution of command type >>del *.lnk to remove the shortcut virus.

5.  Convert your website to an app

If you’ve a blog or website then you can make the android app of it within five minutes at appsgeyser for free. Also you can create any other android application for free at appsgeysers and can share with others and even monetize also.

6. How to know whether Email is read or not?

From the feature which WhatsApp Inc., has got we all are very curious whether the receiver has read the message or not just by observing the blue tick marks. Just think if there could be blue tick marks even for emails then how easy things become. Yes you can have the same blue tick marks even for emails also. This is an external feature which can be accessed using a simple chrome extension. Visit this link to get Mail track extension from chrome store, just install it and follow the procedure. So whenever you send an email you’ll be notified by tick marks with time indicating email was read or not. That’s so simple have a try.

7. Slow to start

If your laptop is taking too much time to start up.Then don’t be afraid. You probably have too much Startup application . Press win+R to open run. Then type msconfig . Select Startup tab. Disable unnecessary application . Make sure to check other applications is not depend on disabled application.

8. Switch between open applications and windows.

The ALT + TAB keyboard shortcut has been in Windows since, well, the dawn of time. But Microsoft tells me only 6 percent of users ever use this feature. So let’s get it up to 7 percent, shall we? Remember you can hold down on ALT and tap TAB repeatedly to move between the available applications and windows. Just release TAB when you get to the one you want.

9. Hide all windows … and then put them back:

To minimize all viewable applications and windows at once, type WINKEY + D. This acts as a toggle until you perform some other window management function, so you can type it again to put everything back where it was.

10. Faster Internet by combining two different networks

If you have two network providers, for example, an ethernet and an USB dongle, then you can avail additional benefit by using network bridge.

step1: Press WIN + R keys and type “ncpa.cpl”.

step2: Select the two network drivers from the window.

step3: Right click and select BRIDGE CONNECTIONS.

step4: You will have an additive speed of these connections.

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