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When the rains come down, the lights flicker…

When the rains come down, the lights flicker…

The monsoon season is sure to bring a lot of happy memories to us. Every year the monsoon brings with it, the signature cool and pleasant weather, hot and steaming food and of course the frequent rain holidays. But the joy of monsoon is always followed by chaos created by water logged roads, power surges and breakdowns.

It is estimated that every year, approximately 2000 people die during the monsoon in India due to reasons other than floods and landslides. The fact that a large number of lives are lost due to reasons other than natural calamities is alarming. The most common cause threatening the lives and property of people is lightning and electric fires. The statistics say it all. Even though it is baffling to know that things as common as lightning and power surges can bring down such destruction. Not just the loss of lives, the frequent power cuts are also part of the monsoon menace.

We cannot prevent lightning but we can certainly prevent the calamities caused by lightning by taking simple but prudent measures.

The earthing system is a vital part of any electrical system. They act as our first line of defence against electrical hazards that could lead to loss of lives or property. The main purpose of earthing is to ensure that any short circuit or insulation fault or any other type of electrical abnormality would not cause shock or injury to a person. Earthing also eliminates the possibility of electric fires due to power surges during thunderstorms.

The number of multi-storeyed buildings in our country has risen remarkably in the recent days.  But how many of those skyscrapers are equipped with lightning arresters?

Lightning arresters protect tall structures and buildings from the destruction created by lightning strokes. Lightning strokes have the potential to discharge very high voltage within a fraction of a second and if left unchecked they can lead to electrocution or can even start a fire.

Installing lightning arresters not only benefits the multi-storeyed buildings but it can also protects the people living in the surroundings by conducting powerful lightning strokes and preventing electrical fires and power surges.

In a country that is battered by frequent droughts and famines, the monsoon should be welcomed with delight by the people in both urban and rural settlements alike. But nowadays the destruction and havoc unleashed during this season is leading people to dread the onset of monsoon.

With careful planning and sensible precautionary measures we can go back to those days when monsoon was only remembered for all the goodness and happy times.

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