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Why should you implement breaks between work?

Giving breaks can sometimes improve your workflow. As the Harvard Business Review eloquently points out, pressing pause allows you to avoid missing the forest for the trees in the work you’re doing, and ensure ...


How to Repair your Infected Computer without formatting it.

Has your Anti virus software failed to protect your system ? If a Windows system is badly infected with malware, running an antivirus from inside Windows often won’t help. Malware can hide itself on an infected...


What happens when there is no net neutrality

Net neutrality is an idea derived from how telephone lines have worked since the beginning of the 20th century. In case of a telephone line, you can dial any number and connect to it. It does not matter if you ...


Techniques to become more Productive

A practical technique that complements your personality and workflow style really can boost your productivity. On the other hand, the search for such a technique can warp into a “grass is greener” mentality tha...


Which Programming language is the best to learn ?

Many people are curious about code. Unfortunately, choosing a programming language can be a major hurdle, because people lack the information necessary to make a good decision. Few questions are so commonly ask...


Kindle Your Spirit

Librocubicularist …BIBLIOBIBULI..  No.., these are not spells from the harry potter movies and they are not biological names either.  These are actually words used to describe a book lover.  Bibliobibuli is the...


Automate your daily tasks in a few minutes

We can  easily automate so many things in our lives these days.There are many things that can help you automate that are genuinely great time-savers. But sometimes we forgo some of our most simple day to day ta...


Some awesome must-know tricks for computer users

Video recording your screen good be quite a hassle. There are a lot of software available that could do the task, but either the software is expensive or the free software has limitations or watermarks. But the...


When the rains come down, the lights flicker…

When the rains come down, the lights flicker…  Environment  26.10.2017   0 Comments   5 Add to Reading List The monsoon season is sure to bring a lot of happy memories to us. Every year the monsoon brings wit...


Digital Branding in the Digital Age.

There’s a difference between a brand name, and a brand. Your brand name is tangible and people can see it, while your brand, however, only exists in the mind of your customers – it’s what they think of when the...

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