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What Do We Offer in Crowdfunding PHP script?

Seehash is a reputed name in the world of crowdfunding platform software development solutions. The new and latest version of this crowdfunding software is perfect to help individuals, entrepreneur, and companies in establishing and create crowdfunding website with ease.


To Know About Seehash

  • Publish-Projects
    Publish Projects

    Projects concept with details and photos can be published easily through app or website. Details of projects can be updated anytime till the first contribution is received

  • Video-and-Images
    Video and Images

    Project owners can upload video presentations and images of the project

  • Browse-or-Search-Projects
    Browse or Search Projects

    Projects can be browsed by category or searched by keywords. Concept and details can be viewed and contributions can be made

  • Categories

    Projects are categorized for easy finding or browsing

  • Shortlist-or-Save
    Shortlist or Save

    Interesting or liked projects can be shortlisted or saved for finding easily in future

  • Project-milestones-and-progress
    Project milestones and progress

    Updates to project milestones and progress are displayed in vertical chronology tree view for easy tracking and understanding

  • Comments-and-Likes
    Comments and Likes

    Likes and comments can be given against projects, milestones or progress posts

  • Login-and-Registration
    Login and Registration

    Easy and fast registration and login

  • Notifications-and-Emails
    Notifications and Emails

    Notifications and emails are sent on activities or updates to shortlisted and contributed projects or publishing of new project

  • Social-Share
    Social Share

    Easy sharing of projects on various social media

  • Queries-and-Feedback
    Queries and Feedback

    Queries and feedbacks can be sent to project owners

  • Contributor-Acknowledgement
    Contributor Acknowledgement

    Auto acknowledgement emails to contributors on making contributions. Contributor name section under project details displays name of contributors. Details of project contributors available to project owners only

  • Various-payment-options
    Various payment options

    Various payment gateways can be easily integrated with the system for payment of contributions

  • Auto-Commission-calculation
    Auto Commission calculation

    System can automatically calculate and bifurcate commissions for each contributions made

  • Project-Owners-Dashboard
    Project Owners’ Dashboard

    Project owners can create or update projects, view contribution and contributor details, and other statistics from their dashboard in app or website

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • You own the Code

    Not us but you are the one who owns the codes for the applications and the solutions we deliver to you.

  • Save Time & Money

    We offer you simple yet complete solutions which let you get more benefits at fewer costs and lesser time.

  • Latest Technology

    We wrap our arms around the latest technology to develop customized and high performance apps and solutions for you.

  • One Time Cost

    We don’t charge you again and again but a one time charge to keep you away from regular payment hassles.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas



    Perfect solution for private equity investment and crowdfunding portals.



    Leading white label & private crowdfunding solution for broker / dealers.



    Perfect for Title III Portals, Universities, Non-profits and associations.


Investment Management

Manage your investors with full transparency and build trust within your entire investor network. Up-to-the-minute view of your entire investor network on a clean, visual dashboard.

Investment Management

Investment Crowdfunding

Our Investment Crowdfunding software manages the entire investment cycle by streamlining user onboarding and automating transactions, and is rebranded to meet your company’s desired look and feel.


Secondary Market

With our Secondary Market Solutions you can offer tradable securities including issuer buyback or auction-based secondary markets to investors.

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