Expert IT services for the Agriculture Industry

Our Agri-tech solutions are custom solutions for agriculture, which can efficiently fill the gaps between farmers, food, and grain processing and supply chain management to increase the profits. In this era of IT, IoT there is high demand for specialized solutions to meet the needs of an ever increasing agriculture industry.

Our high skilled experts, design and develop custom solutions for agribusiness operations. We at Seehash develop custom agriculture software solutions to enhance a business’s agri-marketing capabilities.

Our software ensure that you get right software that can work like an expert and optimize the the business performance. Our highly talented pool of consultants, big data analysts, designers and developers with the right set of skills and expertise to develop custom solutions for your agri-business needs and requirements. No matter whether you need a solution for web, mobile or cloud, or need to infuse artificial intelligence (AI) or internet of things (IoT) compatibilities to make your solutions future ready and you can gain a complete control of all your agricultural activities from a single point


Our solutions for Agriculture industry include

  • Iot

    IoT Solutions

    Achieve better control over the production process and maintain higher standards of crop quality and growth capacity using IoT-enabled solutions. You can also automate multiple processes across your production cycle, e.g. irrigation, fertilizing, or pest control.

  • livestock

    Livestock Management

    Keep detailed livestock records. Manage ID, pedigree and breeding. Record multiple actions including treatments, sales and animal locations. Track animal & herd performance including basic accounting capabilities for managing Expenses, Profit & Loss.

  • farm

    Farm Management Solutions

    Track your Cost Per Unit of Production for each field so that you have real-time knowledge about expenses and break-even calculations throughout the growing season,generate Profit Maps and see what farming practices are most profitable.

  • remote-monitoring

    Remote Monitoring Integration

    Our team can integrate soil mapping, crop sensors and drone software through APIs to combine analytics, giving a holistic view of the entire farmland.

  • soil-mapping

    Soil mapping and crop sensors

    Our team digitizes and entire farmland and creates a 3D model of the soil, allowing us to use our software to collect data about a crop’s lifecycle and adjust resources.

  • seed-to-sale

    Seed-to-Sale Development

    Our solutions incorporate environmental controls, inventories, schedules, cost optimization and energy consumption,inventory, scheduling, facility management and surveillance tracking

Benefits to bank on

A comprehensive software suites to help farmers and growers gain total control over their land, crops and equipment.

  • Data Collection

    Data like weather conditions, soil quality, crop’s growth progress or cattle’s health and other data can be used to track the state of your business in general as well as staff performance, equipment efficiency, etc.

  • Lower Production risk

    Foresee the output of your production to plan for better product distribution. Know exactly how much crops you are going to harvest and make sure your product won’t lie around unsold and hence lower production risk.

  • Cost Management & Waste Reduction

    Being able to see any anomalies in the crop growth or livestock health, you will be able to mitigate the risks of losing your yield.Hence, take measures in advance to reduce the risks.

  • Enhanced Product Quality and Quantity

    Achieve better control over the production process and maintain higher standards of crop quality and growth capacity with the help of smart agriculture gadgets and techniques.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your business by focusing on 3 key areas

  • automate-farming

    Automate Farming

    Use automated farming methods to get better yield and reduce risks

  • real-time-monitoring

    Real-time monitoring

    Get real-time data of your farm, and take useful measures to protect it.

  • iot-farming-2

    IoT in farming

    Use IoT-enabled technologies to reduce manpower cost and increased productivity.


Our Agritech expertise

We specialize in agritech software development for farming and technology companies. Seehash expertise ranges from software for agricultural drones and sensors, to machine learning and supply chain solutions.Our software solution provides powerful farm analytics let you make the right decisions at the right time. Say no to gut-feeling decisions and welcome data-driven farm management.

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