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Expert IT services for the Capital Market

The increase in trade volume, due to rapid customer growth in the capital market, demands faster transaction processing and quick decision making. Complex regulatory requirements have made the role of technology in financial markets more critical. In the current scenario, Capital market firms across sell side and buy side businesses continue to operate in a highly volatile environment that impacts the profitability of companies. This environment imposes firms to implement high level customization, complex integration between systems, high-level automation, standardized regulatory compliance solutions, new product development, and risk mitigation.

Seehash understands these issues and offers an easily deployable platform solution that can help capital market firms to transform and run a wide variety of trading operations while satisfying their customer needs. As a result, companies can attain high governance and operations management support, ensuring quick responses to their clients in a dynamic global market.


Our Solutions for Capital Market include

  • buy

    Buy Side solution

    Reduce the cost and complexity involved in investment management systems,Market data systems and complex decision trading analytics with our buy side solution.

  • sell

    Sell Side Solution

    Manage your entire trading lifecycle from end to end. Our sophisticated multi-asset trading, market data, and connectivity solutions can empower the global capital market and trading community.

  • venue


    We offer trading platform solutions to exchanges and trading venues that help them to comply with new regulations and also enable them to create new avenues for business growth across multiple asset classes.

  • capital-market

    Capital Market Integration

    A powerful and sophisticated analytics, trading and risk management, and integrated infrastructure is the key for Capital Market participants to maintaining a competitive advantage in the current scenario.

  • infra

    Infrastructure Services

    Advanced Cloud Services offered by Seehash, helps capital market companies adopt cloud computing across functions and various asset classes. Our cloud services will enable capital market firms to save IT budgets.

  • functional

    Functional Solutions

    Whether you are focused on reducing portfolio costs, managing risk and compliance, or optimizing execution, Seehash provides you with out-of-the-box practical solutions that can meet your client’s critical business needs across the entire trading workflow.

Benefits to bank on

Transforming the Capital Market

  • Treasury

    Achieve control, analysis and forecasting in one integrated solution, empowering treasury stakeholders with automated processes, effective technology, consistent views, and coherent data.

  • Investment Banking

    Transform while making the most of your current ecosystem, integrating with existing systems to drive efficiency and capture innovations such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Investment Management

    Achieve superior risk-adjusted returns with pricing, trading and risk capabilities that deliver a consistent analytics framework on top of a real-time Investment Book of Record.

  • Risk and Compliance

    Find a quick and sustainable path to compliance with phased transformation, delivering better operational oversight alongside integrated risk management and a clear perspective on risk.

We will help you digitalize your business. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • high-performance-computing-1

    High-Performance Computing

    Whether you need to power up analytics and processing, better manage data volumes and compliance reporting or increase profitability, we have the ultimate solution.

  • data-management-1

    Data Management

    Powering up your IT infrastructure with software, next-generation data storage and servers can help you reduce risk and increase stakeholder  satisfaction, all while improving compliance and resource efficiency

  • regulation-1

    Compliance Regulation

    Technology can be a powerful resource for reducing risk, streamlining the regulatory and reporting process in an efficient manner to better manage today’s regulatory challenges, augment limited staffing and reduce cyberthreats.


Our expertise in Capital market and Trading

With deep market understanding, a client-centered business approach, and unmatched engineering expertise, Seehash is uniquely positioned to lead the market in enterprise risk and valuation technology.

Using our system-agnostic solutions, capital markets organizations can create more coherent and flexible IT architectures, with the option to add Cloud capabilities.

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