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Expert IT services for the Energy Industry

The Energy & Utilities sector is indeed a challenging but exciting space to be in today! There is an ever-growing demand to be met with ever-depleting natural resources. Not to forget the need to optimally manage and maintain capital-intensive assets, improve performance and operational effectiveness throughout the value chain, meet the greedy end-market demands, and comply with regulatory mandates and other environmental safeguards.

Incorporate our tailor-made solutions into your organization and rest assured –  easy-to-use, powerful, mature and comprehensive yet flexible solutions are aligned to the unique requirements of the Energy & Utility industry. The solutions have been trusted by customers globally for over a decade and are now cloud-enabled, with the option to choose a private or public cloud, and pay-as-you use.

From power generation to transmission and distribution, from water or waste water treatment plants to storage and distribution, and from upstream to downstream processes in Oil & Gas, Seehash provides comprehensive and flexible enterprise solutions to help you meet the current and emerging business challenges.The solution contains key capabilities to address the specific needs of various business segments.


We help the world's leading Energy and Utilities companies successfully navigate digital transformation

  • distribution-management

    Distribution Management System

    Our technologies such as advanced distribution management systems help to meet customer expectations of reliability, power quality, renewable energy use, data security, and resiliency to natural disasters and other threats.

  • scada

    SCADA Systems

    From measurement to host systems, we offer you a single provider solution where you can avoid the islands of automation that require painful integration and eliminate risks associated with pieced-together solutions.

  • meter

    Meter Data Management Systems

    Our Meter Data Management Solution (MDM) gives both you and your customers the ability to view accurate, near real-time energy usage in a clear, concise and useful manner – for a fraction of the cost of stand-alone systems.

  • bill-revenue

    Billing and Revenue Management

    Our Revenue Management Solutions for the Energy industry helps you manage revenue throughout its lifecycle – from accurately gathering and distributing transactions to billing and managing customers – so as to ensure that more revenue is generated.

  • erp_1


    Become a best-run business by connecting people, business networks, the Internet of Things, and Big Data with our real-time enterprise resource management suite for digital business that can be deployed in the cloud or on premise.

  • crm


    Keep good track record of your customers’ contact information with a well-organized workspace and configured CRM dashboard with role-based views to fit different responsibilities. Use notifications and alerts to remind you of scheduled appointments.

Benefits to bank on

Transform how you manage, process, share and gain insights from their engineering and asset-related content

  • Unify Processes

    Break down information silos, unify processes and share relevant information with team members in a collaborative environment that spans the enterprise as well as alliance partners, suppliers, contractors and consultants.

  • Improve Customer Relations

    Develop omni channel communication strategies and deliverables to provide customers with a more modern and informative experience from monthly bill statements and customer servicing to general customer marketing.

  • Balance Supply and Demand

    Understand customer demand patterns using smart meter and IOT platform data to meet the maximum and minimum power demands, reducing overall power generation and operating costs.

  • Leverage Data

    Augment traditional data management and data analytics with AI-powered analytics.Gain actionable insights that translate into more effective operational decisions and predictive maintenance schedules for improved operations.

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Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • operation-efficiency

    Operational Effeciency

    Drive efficiency for your most complex and critical operations processes, leading to unmatched productivity and cost savings.

  • customer-service

    Customer Service

    Improve response time for incident management, service requests, and supplier relations to increase satisfaction.

  • revenue

    Revenue Generation

    From market strategy to project planning and execution, deliver unprecedented growth.


Our expertise in Energy Industry

Our domain experts bring with them hands-on experience in utility operations and support clients in overcoming their issues related to faster exploration to the production process, environment and regulatory compliances, aging IT infrastructure, inefficiency in supply chain, and increase in the operational costs.

We have solutions developed for energy and utility industry which enables in the modernization of business processes, improve customer satisfaction, better connect their systems with newer technologies, gain insights for quick and better decision making, and optimally utilize resources and skills.

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