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Expert IT services for the Logistics Industry

Maintaining on-time and on-track freight management operations is essential for improving the accuracy and efficiency in Logistics Industry.Our solutions for transportation and logistics automate the tracking of fleets and freight so you can be sure every vehicle is taking the right shipment to the right place at the right time.

Real-time data capture and reporting streamline inbound/outbound logistics, optimize stock levels for just-in-time/just-in-sequence manufacturing, reduce shipping errors, and lower costs. Automated processes replace time-consuming paper handling to improve dispatch efficiency, promote yard productivity, track and manage assets, and increase in-transit visibility.

Our comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions include pickup & delivery, cross dock logistics, fleet management, and field mobility solutions.


Simplifying Traceablity for Logistics and Warehouse Management

  • fleet-Management

    Fleet Management

    With the help of fleet management solution, you can monitor your vehicle movements live. With this, you can not only protect any unethical activity but can also stay updated with the time vehicle left your warehouse and the progress of delivery throughout the travel.

  • warehouse-1

    Warehouse Management System

    Our WMS is a perfect cloud based and GST enabled warehouse management software for storage facilities, logistic establishments, organizations dealing in distribution, supply chain, retail and manufacturing.

  • crm


    With our custom CRM system, you can flexibly and quickly plan, design, implement, and execute a number of customer-oriented initiatives. This is also a best practice approach for logistics, transportation, shipping and freight forwarding.

  • delivery-tracking-2

    Delivery Management & Tracking

    Manage delivery, shipping and track the same using our Logistics management suite. Get live tracking of the shipping and delivery. Also give your customers the live updates on the delivery of their logistics.

  • block-chain

    Blockchain Solution

    Our blockchain solution gives increased transparency during the movement of products,enhanced scalability providing quick and easy access to the database from anywhere in the world the improved security, which is an essential requirement of the logistics industry.

  • barcode

    Barcoding/RFID solution

    Our barcode solutions allow dispatch to easily notify drivers about a new delivery destination and change in-route or emergency pickup. You’ll be able to make more deliveries and reduce cash-to-cash cycle times with real-time visibility into the delivery cycle.

Benefits to bank on

Integrate. Automate. Optimize. Get Visibility

  • Real-Time Inventory  Visibility

    Enjoy real-time, detailed visibility into key inventory control and supply chain management measures, including inventory trends, stock on order and supplier on-time performance. 

  • Advanced Inventory and Order Fulfillment

    Seehash Logistics software saves any distribution countless hours of work associated with data entry, organisation and fulfilment. You’ll be able to convert leads to orders, orders to shipments, and shipments to revenue in short order.

  • Complete Procedure-to-Pay Purchasing

    Our software lets you move from manual, paper-based purchasing to lower cost, higher control automated purchasing. We streamline purchasing. saving you money that goes straight to your bottom line.

  • Application development

    Eliminate IT costs and concerns associated with maintaining and upgrading separate applications. Ascertain an estimate of fuel consumption by the vehicles in your fleet. Know the miles traveled by a vehicle and keeps a record of fuel consumed.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas



    The software solutions allow you to automate vehicle maintenance and eventually increase its life span.


    Enhanced punctuality

    The technology comes with an alert system. This automatically alerts the staff about their shift timing/assigned work.


    Improved Customer Experience

    The increased dedication, timely delivery, and real-time updates will soon deliver better service to your clients.


Our expertise

Seehash provided logistics and transportation software solutions power organizations to understand the worth of investing in the technology systems and effortlessly managing the growing challenges that occur because of the fickleness of markets.We understand that the logistics and transpiration industry is the key driver of modern economic infrastructure. There is great need of agility and suppleness but no compromise in the quality of delivery.

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