Media & Entertainment

Expert IT services for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Media and Entertainment clients depend on our state-of-the-art content platforms. Our scalable, cloud-based open source platforms are designed to process incoming content, insert/replace/ target advertisements based on business rules, transcode content just-in-time and hand over for further delivery. The solutions integrate existing workflows and customize/ orchestrate workflows onto media-specific platforms without technology lock in. Clients using our solutions also acquire supporting services such as traffic logging, billing, analytics, cloud storage and high bit-rate mezzanine file ingestion to cloud.


The industry sectors we served include

  • multimedia-streaming

    Multimedia Streaming

    Broadcasting is a powerful way for media and entertainment companies to interact with their audience. Our engineers create live streaming solutions for you to expand your business reach.

  • social-media

    Social Media

    We provide Social Media Marketing (SMM) solutions, people-based marketing platforms with social custom audience integrations, social media reputation management platforms and services.

  • 3d-cgi

    3D and CGI Animations

    As CGI experts we bring your ideas to reality with style, regardless of if you need stunning still images, engaging animation or the latest cutting edge virtual reality technology.

  • media-publish

    Media Publishing

    We provide Multi-channel publishing by leveraging industry-leading tools, enterprise content management systems, and bespoke solutions.Incorporation of new content consumption channels—mobile, social media, and web.

  • internet-tv

    Interactive TV & OTT

    We provide Internet TV & OTT implementations with pluggable modules to pick and parse data and aggregate metadata from varied content providers in order to create and enhance Internet video navigators and players.

  • content-distribuion

    Content Distribution Management

    We build custom content management and distribution platforms, scalable and tailored to your needs, our solutions help you communicate your message directly to your audiences.

Benefits to bank on

Capture, process, enrich and deliver content using a scalable cloud platform

  • User Engagement

    Minimized loading speed, powerful on-site search, cross-browser compatibility, social sharing features and personalized, contextual messages live-sharing.

  • Mobility

    We use native and cross-platform technologies to build apps for any device, helping you meet the market demand and build a strong mobile presence.

  • System Performance

    Workload optimization, profiling and caching techniques applied to enhance system performance by 10 times, regardless of the traffic and database load.

  • Social Share

    Live social media sharing of the digital content helps you reach bigger audience worldwide effortlessly, thus amplifying your presence across the globe.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • audience

    Audience Engagement

    Multi-screen user experiences at any time, at any place while building new audiences, better engaging existing ones, and developing new revenue ways.

  • content-monitize

    Content Monetization

    Bringing along the power of digital advertising and Fin-Tech to enable new ways of generating revenues, supported with world-class technology infrastructures.

  • content-delivery

    Content Delivery

    With video sitting at the heart of the M&E transition to digital, we customize and deploy top-notch platforms to help you bank on video, too.


Our expertise in Media and Entertainment

Our solutions fit seamlessly into companies across the media and entertainment sector, from advertising, broadcasting and digital media, to entertainment, music and publishing companies. Providing in-depth, immediate business insight, our software puts you firmly in control, giving you the right tools and information to enhance business performance and explore new business models.

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