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Expert IT services for Real Estate and Infrastructure

Whether managing a single property or an entire real estate portfolio, the hundreds of moving parts involved can overwhelm a staff of people, let alone a single property manager. Seehash’s custom real estate management software connects the strands of real estate, allowing your real estate company to be more efficient, more exact and more productive when buying, selling and managing property.

We develop custom real estate management software designed for the optimal execution of marketing, leasing services, property management, and business accounting.

Since real estate involves substantial expenditure and volatile market conditions, businesses involved in this industry are destined to endure from a streak of diverse challenges such as dynamic pricing system, regulatory compliance, unorganized cash flow, sub-standard project planning and project budgeting.


Embracing technology in real estate

  • erp_1


    Our ERP system enabled Real time integration between Financials, Materials, Construction and Marketing, a trouble-free project management and contractor management and control in procurement and inventory management

  • property-management

    Property Management

    Our comprehensive property management software utilizes a central database,  provides an integrated accounting system, comprehensive reporting, lease renewal workflow, construction, maintenance, and much more.

  • broker-management

    Broker Management

    Allot available properties to brokers, manage online advertisements and listings, Precise sales pipeline and lead tracking, manage Commission and brokerage using our Booking Management application.

  • auction

    Auction Software

    We provide a competitive, transparent and fair environment with our Auction Software and create added value to your company in your strategic purchasing of real estate.

  • crm


    Our CRM it allows you focus on revenue-generating tasks and meaningful client interactions, with lead generation, smart action plans, a mobile app, back office tools and more.

  • infrastructure-2

    Infrastructure Management

    Our solution is a software-defined, programmatic approach to managing infrastructure with efficient workflow automation, a modern dashboard, and a comprehensive partner ecosystem.

Benefits to bank on

A rundown of the technology that could transform your Real Estate Business

  • Document Sharing

    Document-sharing tools can eliminate hours from the time required to deliver contracts and other time-sensitive information to buyers and sellers, and receive signed copies.

  • Marketing Automation

    Automation tools can be used to streamline back office processes such as property entries and collateral creation, and share relevant information with customer management system and accounting systems.

  • Sales Force Automation

    CRM for Real Estate helps you increase sales force productivity with sales funnel visibility, lead tracking, daily sales activity analysis, real-time forecasts and Sales team performance management. 

  • Improve Productivity

    By exchanging data and documents electronically, lot of communication time can be saved. This results in higher operational efficiency and thereby a higher customer satisfaction.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • online-presence

    Online presence

    In this digital world, it is must to have an online presence to boost sales. With the help of social media, one can improve their reach.

  • e-listing


    E-listing applications is a simple platform to bring together the property owners, brokers and the customers and quicken the communication.

  • cloud

    Cloud Data storage

    All data like client records, property records, property dealing records are stored in cloud and hence retrievable any time when needed.


Our expertise in Real Estate and Infrastructure

Real estate professionals need a solution capable of streamlining and centralizing their entire investment cycle, optimizing their processes while enhancing their data and reporting, in order to excel in an increasingly competitive market. With six modular products, our Real Estate software solutions empowers property investors and fund managers to make fact-based decisions in order to mitigate risks and maximize the performance of their direct and indirect portfolios.

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