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Today’s customer wants to move effortlessly across online and offline channels, from initial contact to purchase and beyond. Along the way, they expect you to know their interests and preferences and use this data to provide consistent, timely, relevant, and personalized engagements.Yet, enabling an outstanding customer experience requires you to overcome the fallout of IT decisions made over years, resulting in incremental purchases of on-premise, channel-specific solutions. The resulting labyrinth of systems, with its islands of channel-specific data, is a barrier to creating a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.Achieving success in today’s digital competitive marketplace means modernizing legacy data warehouse and retail data analytics solutions. Remedying siloed systems will create a single source of truth to enable the brand experiences that customers want and expect.


Our solutions for Retail and FMCG include

  • supply-chain

    Supply Chain

    Our well-designed supply chain management software helps companies in rightly purchasing and acquiring every item they need for running their day-to-day business operations.

  • POS

    POS solutions

    A best-in-class solutions that gives you with powerful inventory features & reporting insights that help you make profitable decisions and get live updates on your daily business.

  • inventory-1

    Inventory Management

    Maintain your stock in an accurate and fool proof way. Perform stock audits regularly to generate stock discrepancy reports by comparing physical vs system stocks.

  • ecommerce-1


    Deliver a delightful, omni-channel shopping experience with our E commerce solutions and give a seamless, personalized and superior experience every time to your customers.

  • data-warehouse


    ERP system helps manage inventory system, keep track of stock records, manage multiple orders, accounting transactions, control multiple distribution channel, workflow management, Logistics management, MIS reporting.

  • business-intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    Visualize data of historic existing sales into meaningful reports and dashboards, for real-time tracking, analysis and trending for near and long term future of the sales and products.

Benefits to bank on

We provide the tools to improve your ability to respond to a rapidly changing retail marketplace

  • Modern Data Architecture

    Easily understand where you are winning or losing market share by tracking direct-to-consumer and other online channels with a managed, cloud-built data warehouse that automatically scales up and down for unlimited workloads without impacting performance.

  • Streamlined data

    From point-of-sales data, click-stream data, customer loyalty program data, social media, or sentiment analysis, provide a data-driven customer experience by easily loading, transforming, and integrating all your structured and semi-structured data all on a single platform.

  • Data Collaboration

    Category performance, promotional, and marketing analysis,product management, and more are easily brought together into a single customer profile. Modern data sharing data enables collaboration between consumer goods, manufacturers, and retailers..

  • Technologically updated

    Retail industry is witnessing a paradigm shift due to rapidly evolving technologies and growing customer expectations. To enable retailers to boldly navigate the digital age, our agile collaborative model lays the roadmap to successful business modernization.

We will help you digitalize your business. Let’s get started


Transform your business by focusing on 3 key areas

  • customer-convertion-1

    Convert Customer faster

    We use a variety of technologies and services to help you increase your lead conversion rate.

  • operate

    Operate more efficiently

    Integrate customer support, payment processing and analytics services to operate more efficiently.

  • inventory-2

    Manage inventory better

    Always know which products are in stock and which will be sold out soon.


Our expertise

We help retail & consumer goods industry players live up to their customers’ expectations through technology. With over 10 years of domain experience, our retail IT consultants serve custom software solutions to the entire retail ecosystem, supporting client businesses across physical and digital.

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