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Expert IT solutions for Sport Industry

If you are looking to develop an app for any sport persons, sports team, sports league, or based on your fresh concept, we have the strength to deliver cutting-edge sports app solutions in order to serve the bespoke needs of sports industry.

Get great with the industry’s leader in sports and fitness innovation. Capture, organize and share performance insights -seamlessly & efficiently.With an in-depth and extensive knowledge and understanding of various segments, we excel at custom software development services for different industries. Seehash can help you make money with software and mobile application development services for the sports industry. With years of experience in the industry, we have delivered innovative software solutions that match your business objectives and help your business grow. Every project we take in our hands starts with getting deep understanding of your business needs. We closely collaborate with the clients to build powerful solutions for the sports industry.


Engage fans with world-class sports innovation

  • sports-fitness-icon

    Sports and Fitness app

    Track your training using powerful GPS and maps, analyze everything from calories burned to average speed and altitude, and monitor your progress as you work towards your fitness goals.

  • performance-metrics

    Performance Metrics Interfaces

    Custom algorithms programming for identifying peak performers, athletes at risk of injury, strategic plays / outcomes, benchmarks, historical performance outcomes, wellness monitoring and more.

  • game-development

    Game Development

    With the perfect blend of technology, we cater the incredible game solutions.We maintain the complete code structure efficiently and cover all the major aspects to reduce the development cost as well as time.

  • coach

    Sports coaching app

    Review coaching experience, specialties, and ratings to find the perfect coach near you.Register for individual lessons or group training, virtual training and classes and manage your training schedule, message coaches, and receive personalized feedback and analysis.

  • athlete-performance

    Athlete Performance Management

    We develop athlete performance management systems including athlete bios, stats tracking, performance histories, progress tracking,games performance, communication tools, monitor work out rates and more features.

  • motion-tracking

    Motion Tracking Applications

    We program motion tracking applications for analyzing gaits, muscle movements, eye tracking, jumps, range of motion, acceleration / deceleration, force / impact, momentum, pressure, and more physical attributes.

Benefits to bank on

Win on the field, on the screen, and on the world stage.

  • Sports Data Management

    Programming of big data analytics, Extract / Transfer / Load (ETL) capabilities, and more for managing large, complex data sets and storing data repositories. Collect and integrate data from multiple sources.

  • Sports Assessments

    Analytics applications programming for evaluating speeds, distance, timing, movements, field coverage, player zones, team formations, coordinates, projections / probabilities, and custom data fields.

  • Sports Performance Integrations

    Integrations of sports analysis and athlete performance applications with training data, athlete stats, health / injury records, and more for performance optimization insights.

  • Robust Reporting Engine

    Custom data reports, graphs, charts, notifications, and dashboards programming, plus user-level controls development, configuration of automated text explanations to give users automated, real-time feedback.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • fan

    Fan Engagement

    The digital age has already seen clubs that were traditionally only followed by local fans, expand their reach globally.

  • democrating

    Democratizing Sport

    Big Data tools are now available at fairly cheap rate, and in many ways it is enabling poorer young people to get into sport at an early age.

  • assess-performance

    Assess Performance

    Big Data Analytics can pinpoint a number of metrics useful to assessing performance, both during competition and in training.


Our expertise in Sports Industry

Today, technology has made things simple for people to know everything they find interested. From getting real time experience similar to watch in the stadium, book game ticket online, get up-to-date scores with complete analysis and many more, Sports Enterprise Mobility proffers everything that you imagine. Seehash is a professional Sports technology solution company who has developed several applications and solutions to  accomplishes all needs of people associated with sports business.

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