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Cloud Computing


Elastic Computing

  • Simple-Application-Server
    Simple Application Server

    Simplicity in the Cloud. Rapid app DevOps

  • Elastic-GPU-Service
    Elastic GPU Service

    Leverage powerful computing capabilities

  • Auto-Scaling
    Auto Scaling

    Do more work in the cloud, automate computing resources

  • Server-Load-Balancer
    Server Load Balancer

    Distribute traffic across resources

  • Container-Service
    Container Service

    Manage your Dockerized applications

  • Resource-Orchestration-Service
    Resource Orchestration Service

    Simplify operations and management

  • E-HPC

    High-performance public computing service

  • ECS-Bare-Metal-Instance
    ECS Bare Metal Instance

    High-performance elastic bare metal computing service


Storage & CDN

  • Object-Storage-Service
    Object Storage Service

    Store, backup and archive your data

  • Table-Store
    Table Store

    Store data in a NoSQL database

  • Alibaba-Cloud-CDN
    Alibaba Cloud CDN

    Speed up file distribution to end-users

  • Network-Attached-Storagee
    Network Attached Storage

    File storage service for ECS, HPC, and Container Service



  • Virtual-Private-Cloud
    Virtual Private Cloud

    Launch a secure and private cloud

  • Express-Connect
    Express Connect

    Physical leased line and VPC interconnection

  • NAT-Gateway
    NAT Gateway

    Public Internet gateway

  • Network-Attached-Storagee
    Network Attached Storage

    File storage service for ECS, HPC, and Container Service

  • Function-Compute-Supports-VPC-Access
    Function Compute Supports VPC Access

    Support for private VPC access


Monitoring & Management

  • ActionTrail

    Analytics, resource tracking, and compliance audits

  • Key-Management-Service
    Key Management Service

    Create and manage encryption keys

  • Resource-Access-Management
    Resource Access Management

    Authorize users’ and partners’ resource access

  • CloudMonitor

    Real-time cloud monitoring service


Analytics & Big Data

  • Image-Search-Shopping-Made-Easy
    Image Search: Shopping Made Easy

    With Image Search keywords are a thing of the past

  • E-MapReduce

    Big Data processing service

  • MaxCompute

    TB/PB-level data warehousing solution

  • DataWorks

    Data warehousing solution


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Digital-Transformation-Enablement

    Digital Transformation Enablement

    A Secure, Automated Cloud Migration Solution

  • Cloud-Migration-Services

    Cloud Migration Services

    Simply accelerate your journey to the cloud.

  • Managed-Cloud-Services

    Managed Cloud Services

    Manage Your Business. We’ll Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure

Keep Pace with Competitors

If you don’t move to the cloud, you put your business and future success at risk and miss out on valuable opportunities. More and more businesses are migrating to the cloud to cut IT costs and improve operational efficiency. In order to keep up with or even gain a leg up on your competition, your business needs to adopt a cloud-based solution designed to help you grow your business successfully.

Set aside all of your fears of the cloud. It’s time for a change. It’s time to take a leap of faith and swap your legacy solution with a scalable, secure and reliable cloud solution that keeps pace with changing customer demands and growth spurts.

Deploy Technology Faster

The cloud takes all of the benefits of an on-premises solution and multiples them a hundredfold. When you adopt a cloud-based solution, you gain the ability to scale up or down at a moment’s notice. Adding new applications, users and systems has never been easier and no longer requires configuring and installing new hardware and servers.

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