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Information security solutions

Seehash develops information security solutions for the needs of companies and organizations in different industries. Functioning information security is the best protection against risks.
  • linux
    Escape processor bugs like Meltdown and Spectre

  • apache
    Defend against ransomware

  • sql
    Combat endpoint-based insider threats

  • sql
    Secure email communication

  • sql
    Protect your roaming devices

  • sql
    Reinforce data security

  • sql
    Identify stolen and compromised devices

  • sql
    Achieve compliance and maintain user privacy


Securing information in e-communication and e-services

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    Finance & Insurance

    Bank secrecy is one of the most important principles of credit institution operations. Financial data, investments and customer information must be secured in banking and insurance matters.

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    Information & Communication

    Make sure your company’s reputation is maintained and gain a competitive edge with secure communications. Protect customer data and other intellectual capital in electronic communications.

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    Public sector

    State security and the protection of citizens’ information is vital. Comply with legislation by securing confidential information in electronic communications.

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    Trade & Industry

    Ensure competitive edge by sharing technical product documents, development projects and patents securely. Communicate safely both nationally and internationally.

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    In confidential discussions by municipalities, for example, The Personal Data Act and the GDPR determine how confidential information should be handled.

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    Service sector

    Ensure the integrity of communications and keep the confidence of both companies and customers. Protect contracts, project information, customer data, and other confidential information.


Securing information in e-communication and e-services

Information security solutions for protecting electronic communication

  • What is confidential information?

    Companies contain a surprising amount of confidential information which needs to be communicated to external interest groups while retaining confidentiality.

  • Why should e-mail be encrypted?

    E-mail is the main communication method for many companies and organizations in both internal and external communication. Too often it is forgotten how unsecure e-mail is.

  • Secure data transfer – what to consider

    In group communications such as project groups, there is often a need to distribute information and files electronically. The information being processed is many times confidential.

  • Non-profit organizations

    Ensure the ease of use and straightforwardness of sensitive and confidential communications with authorities, businesses and private customers.

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Securing information in e-communication and e-services

Electronic communication and electronic services involve significant risks that companies must manage. We’ll provide you with user-friendly solutions for the protection of confidential information.

Our solutions help you solve business challenges, starting from protecting the confidentiality of single e-mail messages to confidential group messaging and information sharing.