Microsoft Dynamics

Take control of your Business with Microsoft Dynamics


Customization & Development

Our AX experts can help customize AX, D365 to meet the unique needs of your organization and business challenges that help drive innovation.

X++ CODE MODIFICATIONS – we help customize standard processes and adding new functionality to fit your specific needs.

DYNAMICS AX REPORTING (SSRS/MorphX/MIS) – Modify numerous out-of-the-box SSRS reports, creating custom reports using SQL Server Reporting Services, create MorphX reports for AX 2009, create Manangement Information System (MIS) reports using Management Reporter like consolidation reports, Financial reports like Balance Sheet, Profit and loss statement etc.

ENTERPRISE PORTAL CUSTOMIZATION – Modify and enhance Enterprise Portal using ASP .NET and SharePoint. Our recent accomplishment is developing the entire HR platform on EP / as Employee self-service (ESS).

STATISTIC, ANALYTICAL AX REPORTS – Create and modify reports using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), BI, OLAP Cube, Power View, and SSRS.

NEW CUSTOMIZATIONS / MODIFICATIONS – Develop completely new process / Module from scratch that includes new tables, form, X++ coding, Reporting, Base enum, EDT etc. for AX 2009, AX 2012 and D365.



INTEGRATION – We are experts in system architecture design and optimally connecting various systems that helps reduce operational costs, increase business efficiency & productivity and streamlines processes.

THE APPLICATION INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK (AIF) – help integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX with other systems by allowing exchange of data through formatted XML.

.NET BUSINESS CONNECTOR – Enables external applications to access Microsoft Dynamics AX data and invoke business logic.

.NET FRAMEWORK – Enables the native X++ code to call methods in assemblies that are written in C# or VB.

DATA ENTITY AND O DATA SERVICES – used for integrations in D365.


Implementation & Re-implementations

OUT OF THE BOX IMPLEMENTATION FOR D365 – Contact us for a FREE DEMO implementation of D365 using your LIVE sample data. This will help you visualize D365 with your own data and how it can be used for your business.

RE-IMPLEMENT AX 2012 – We have seen people using AX 2012 which they want to reimplement (due to any reason), and do not want to move to D365, so we can pitch those projects too.


Support & Training

Your Microsoft Business Ready Enhancement Plan provides valuable updates and information, but it may not be providing all the technical support you need. Netrocon provides dedicated help desk support for Microsoft Dynamics AX and D365 with quick response time at highly competitive rates.

  • Maintenance – Preventive maintenance tasks and processes are performed on a consistent schedule.
  • Guaranteed Response Times – Based on the Service Level Agreement and severity of the issue.
  • Application Support – Includes all technical support for your Microsoft Dynamic AX, D365 and related technologies such as SQL Server and third-party applications.
  • Dedicated Support Resource – We provide dedicated technical resource who will know your business, support history, and staff.

Staffing & Consulting

SeeHash is very well connected with in the AX community that we help quickly provide you with highly skilled and experienced AX resources for your temporary assignments.


Application Maintenance,Sustenance, and Support Services

  • OS-and-Server-Migration

    OS and Server Migration

    A significant risk since the technology can oversee unseen, yet fundamental OS and application-specific settings, files, and info. This mistake possibly can make vital data inaccessible in the future.

  • 3rd-Party-Maintenance

    3rd Party Maintenance

    Offerings that are vital in a hybrid support model—which involves using a blend of OEM support, third-party maintenance, and frugal strategies where each is suitable and fitting to the purpose.

  • Bug-and-task-tracking

    Bug and task tracking

    When it comes to developing and issuing software updates, both development and testing go hand in hand. To put that in project management terms, both tasks and bugs go hand in hand.

  • Application-Maintenance

    Application Maintenance

    Application maintenance services take portfolio-based tactic to technology, information planning, public and services by considering your business, methods and applications.

  • Application-improvement

    Application improvement

    Once an application is up and running in a cloud server setting, once can raise your server settings to make the jump from ‘it works’ to a complete production environment that draws higher performance.

  • Performance-Monitoring

    Performance Monitoring

    Performance monitoring software ensures the high accessibility and higher performance of applications by addressing issues, overcoming bottlenecks and considering customers’ feedback.


Benefits of embracing our application maintenance services and extended support

Our maintenance and support services raise businesses’ operational efficiency with an enterprise-grade mobile strategy to blend with systems, routes, and platforms.

  • Configuration Management

    Our systems engineering process to establish and maintain consistency of your products’ performance,

  • Release Management

    We manage, plan, schedule, and control a application build through various, consecutive stages.

  • Knowledge Management

    The process of creating, sharing, using, and managing the knowledge and information of an organization.

  • Quality Management

    Quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement—our four components

Levels of support our privileged clients enjoy

Being a provider of application support services, we provide the support services for the delivered application in the following service levels.

IT Support Function Support Methodology Staffing Needs
Tier 1 Basic help Email & Phone Trainees and junior staff
Tier 2 Technical Support Phone and Remote Support Support Personnel
Tier 3 Product Support On-site support Full-time, experienced developers
Tier 4 Contracted Support Remote Support & On-site vendors and software partners

We are always on the lookout for talented folk to join our team. Follow us on LinkedIn!

Seehash are always accommodating our diverse needs and we feel like they are a part of our company rather than an external supplier.
John H. Bedard, Jr