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HRM is a robust, full-featured HR system. We can extend, add or change existing features to suit the needs of your company in a cost-effective way.


Guest User

  • Member-Registration-paid-or-free
    Member Registration (paid or free)

  • Browse-categories-that-are-sorted-by-region-community-religion-Basic-search-on-homepage
    Browse categories that are sorted by region, community, religion Basic search on homepage

  • Advanced-search-with-additional-parameters
    Advanced search with additional parameters

  • Non-members

  • Static-information-pages
    Static information pages

  • Recent-Profiles-Module-on-Homepage
    Recent Profiles Module on Homepage

  • Search-Engine-Friendly-URLs
    Search Engine Friendly URLs

  • SMS-Alerts
    SMS Alerts

  • My-Matches
    Match Compatibility


General Site Features

  • Mobile-Responsive-Frontend-and-Backend
    Mobile Responsive Frontend and Backend

  • CAPTCHA-for-Security
    CAPTCHA for Security

  • Social-Bookmarking
    Social Bookmarking

  • Favicon

  • Updatable-News-Ticker
    Updatable News Ticker

  • Unique-Design
    Unique Design

  • SEO-friendly-URL-for-each-Profile-
    SEO friendly URL for each Profile !

  • Set-Featured-members
    Set Featured members

  • SMS-Alert-view-features
    SMS Alert view features

  • SEO-keyword-for-Individual-pages
    SEO keyword for Individual pages

  • Set-Google-Analytics
    Set Google Analytics

  • Emails-via-SMTP-Authentication
    Emails via SMTP Authentication


Site Admin

  • Fully-Customized-and-Protected-Admins-area
    Fully Customized and Protected Admin’s area

  • Content-Management-System-CMS-for-Static-Content
    Content Management System (CMS) for Static Content

  • Edit-MEMBERSHIP-Plans
    Edit MEMBERSHIP Plans

  • CROP-Photos-before-approval
    CROP Photos before approval

  • Edit-Delete-Member-Profiles
    Edit / Delete Member Profiles

  • Change-Admin-Password
    Change Admin Password

  • Member-Conversion-of-Inactive-to-Free
    Member Conversion of Inactive to Free

  • Member-Conversion-Free-to-Paid
    Member Conversion Free to Paid

  • Membership-Approval
    Membership Approval

  • Automated-Emails
    Automated Emails

  • Approve-Disapprove-Photos-Uploaded
    Approve / Disapprove Photos Uploaded

  • Approve-Disapprove-Horoscopes-Uploaded
    Approve / Disapprove Horoscopes Uploaded

  • BAN-Member
    BAN Member

  • Approve-Disapprove-submitted-Success-Stories
    Approve / Disapprove submitted Success Stories

  • Degrade-Membership
    Degrade Membership

  • Add-PREPAID-Packs-for-Viewing-contacts
    Add PREPAID Packs for Viewing contacts


Register Member

  • Membership-Info
    Membership Info

  • Manage-membership-account-info
    Manage membership account info

  • Order-details
    Order details

  • Change-partner-profile
    Change partner profile

  • Edit-Delete-Member-Profiles
    Edit own profile

  • Upgrade-Profile
    Upgrade Profile

  • Protect-Photo
    Protect Photo

  • KEY-IN-Horoscope-Data-view-features
    KEY IN Horoscope Data view features

  • Upload-Horoscope-scanned-photo
    Upload Horoscope (scanned photo)

  • Family-Info-–-Father-Mother-name-status-etc.
    Family Info – Father, Mother name, status, etc.

  • Partner-Preference
    Partner Preference

  • Contact-Profiles
    Contact Profiles

  • Hobbies

  • View-Details-of-Members
    View Details of Members

  • My-Matches
    My Matches


Verification Documents

  • Option-to-Upload-ID-proof
    Option to Upload ID proof

  • Option-to-Upload-Address-proof
    Option to Upload Address proof

  • ID-Address-Proofs-visible-only-to-ADMIN
    ID/Address Proofs visible only to ADMIN


Payment Features

  • Manage-PAYMENT-Options
    Manage PAYMENT Options

  • Sales-Invoices
    Sales Invoices

  • Sales-Receipts
    Sales Receipts

  • Consolidated-Accounts-Summary
    Consolidated Accounts Summary

  • Renewal-for-Paid-Members
    Renewal for Paid Members

  • Paypal-Payment-Gateway-Integration
    Paypal Payment Gateway Integration



  • Quick-or-Smart-Search
    Quick or Smart Search

  • Advanced-Search
    Advanced Search

  • Search-by-Profile-ID
    Search by Profile ID

  • Search-by-City-State
    Search by City/ State

  • Occupation-Search
    Occupation Search

  • Education-Search
    Education Search


Reporting Module

  • Inactive-Members-Report
    Inactive Members Report

  • Free-Active-Members-Report
    Free/Active Members Report

  • Paid-Members-Report
    Paid Members Report

  • Members-Report-by-Reference
    Members Report by Reference

  • Customised-Export-to-Excel-Format
    Customised Export to Excel Format

  • Phone-activity-reports
    View Reports of users by City / Gender / Country

  • Edit-Delete-Member-Profiles
    View Profiles by Religion

  • Edit-MEMBERSHIP-Plans
    Edit Member Details

  • ID-Address-Proofs-visible-only-to-ADMIN
    ADMIN Quick Search profiles

  • Customised-Export-to-Excel-Format
    Export Profiles as CSV or Excel File

  • Places-Geographical-Reach
    Graphical Chart View

  • Approve-Disapprove-submitted-Success-Stories
    Detaliled Statistics

  • A4-Printouts
    A4 Printouts

  • Print-Version
    Label Printouts

  • Mobile-Apps
    Mobile numbers / emails in XLS format


Mailing Features

  • Activity-Report-Logging
    Newsletter with Editor

  • Pro-Membership
    Membership Expiry Reminder Notices

  • Photo-Gallery
    Photo reminders

  • Stay-connected-with-push-notifications
    Send Individual match Alert


Wedding Directory/Classifieds

  • Send-emails-automatically
    Post Classifieds

  • Follow-product-categories-and-tags
    List by Categories

  • Fully-Customized-and-Protected-Admins-area
    Individual ADMIN for Classifieds

  • Approve-Disapprove-Photos-Uploaded
    Approve/Unapprove Postings

  • Categories
    Add/Edit/Delete Categories


Banner Manager

  • Banners
    Static Left Side Banner

  • Recent-Profiles-Module-on-Homepage
    Home Page Center Banner

  • Multilingual-Interface
    Footer banner

  • Posting-Ads-in-Steps
    Set Google ADs


Staff Administration

  • Edit-Delete-Member-Profiles
    Ad/Edit/Del Staff Users

  • Login-Attempt-Control
    Individual Staff Login

  • ID-Address-Proofs-visible-only-to-ADMIN
    Restricted Admin Features for Staff

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Easily Accessible

    They are easy to access from any internet connection and have a user-friendly interface. Today, young people are technology savvy and don’t have time to waste in meetings with marriage brokers. They can use the matrimonial sites or the mobile applications where finding profiles is made easy and convenient.

  • Filtered Results

    If you’re looking for a certain background and certain quality in your match, all you have to do is provide your specifications and you’ll get filtered results. Our filter can help you get accurate matches as per your expectations.

  • Security

    All the profiles on these sites are safe and secure. They’re also verified by the site. The chances are very low that you’ll come across a fake profile. One obtains a profile only after applying for membership, which is a scrutinizing process.

  • Easy to Communicate

    Fortunately, you don’t have to send letters through traditional mail like the olden days. Now, you can just sit in front of your computer and have a live chat with your suitor. If someone you find on the site strikes your interest, you can have a live text or video chat with them.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Recommendation-engine

    Recommendation engine

    No more clicks to find matching profile. Get matching profile from our recommendation engine.

  • Privacy-Ensured

    Privacy Ensured

    We ensure your data privacy. Enable lock and unlock profile option for selected users to view your profile.

  • Boost-Brand-Awarenes

    Sound Ad-management

    Easy for users to post and manage the ads. Manage regular Ads, paid Ads, archived Ads and more.


Shaping Your Tomorrow!

There is no such thing called a perfect match, but with proper and meticulous approach, one can surely find a partner for life who is pretty much the same as you might have always expected your soul-mate to be. Online matrimonial sites are the one place where the Gen-X to-be-grooms and to-be-brides go to find their perfect match. This is the platform where people can post their personal profiles and get in touch with suitable matches for them.
These websites are very popular nowadays, and the users can easily find their partner of choice with regular interaction over the portal. A matrimonial portal not only helps users to meet their perfect soul mate, but also gives an opportunity to the website owner to earn a good amount of income through these portal activities. So, if you are also thinking on the same lines and want to start some lucrative business through a matrimonial website, then we can be approached for superlative matrimonial portal development services.


Always in the Pursuit of Perfection

We are the leading web developers helping you to create your own matrimonial site, having many years of experience in this business. Only we can give you exactly what is the demand of a good matrimonial website. Ours is the company with the best ever growing web solutions that are in a great demand today. We provide you with timely and perfect web solutions, and the icing on the cake is the price that we quote for the projects, which is very much within your budget. So, choose us to design a lovely matrimonial website for you with inventive design that will lead your business from a small initiative to a big brand. No sooner than you realize your website with market its way into success. We are the creators of most stunning websites equipped with fabulous and user friendly features.

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