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Seehash smart, speedy system is an ideal bar or nightclub point of sale. Whether it’s staying out of the weeds when the rush hits, ensuring the register balances, or automating tasks to avoid “after hours” in the office, Seehash has your back.


The industry sectors we served include

  • Staffing-Simplified
    Staffing Simplified

    Seehash easy-to-use system minimizes training time, keeps track of the hours your staff work, and identifies top performers.

  • Monitor-Your-Liquor
    Monitor Your Liquor

    Seehash lets you track inventory down to the last drop and alerts you when stock is low to order more. No nasty surprises!

  • Use-Reporting-to-Grow
    Use Reporting to Grow

    Seehash detailed sales and inventory reporting highlights the drinks or menu items driving the most consistent profits.

  • Take-Command-of-Cash-Flow
    Take Command of Cash Flow

    Seehash lets you monitor multiple cash drawers from one place and consolidate cash at the closing of every shift.

  • Know-Your-Regulars
    Know Your Regulars

    Seehash CRM tools help you track your top customers and contact them with emails about promos/special events.

  • Master-Your-Menu
    Master Your Menu

    Seehash easy system takes the guesswork out of menu management. Save your brainpower for the important stuff!

  • Accept-All-Payment-Types
    Accept All Payment Types

    Seehash doesn’t just give you more ways to get paid, it guarantees you the lowest integrated payment processing rate

  • Transaction
    Track Every Transaction

    Seehash secure system tracks all register transactions and records which employees gave discounts, if any.

  • Keep-Checks-Growing
    Keep Checks Growing

    Seehash makes it easy to add drinks to tabs, and then split checks or payment methods when you hear “Check please!”

  • Tailor-Your-POS-to-You
    Tailor Your POS to You

    Seehash is fully customizable: From your register’s on-screen layout to pricing like happy hour menus or drink specials.

  • Tip-Your-Bartender
    Tip Your Bartender

    Seehash helps you increase tips and saves your customers from doing math after “a few,” with suggested tip percentages.

  • Assign-Permissions
    Assign Permissions

    Seehash lets you decide which employees have access to sensitive data or managerial functions like payouts.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Real-Time Reporting

    A host of web-based ePOS reports that are instantly available and accessible anywhere, at anytime.

  • Centralized Management

    Manage and monitor your whole business, including all your sites, through a central management website.

  • Secure Cloud Computing

    No longer need a back office server to store your data. The secure and backed-up online cloud stores it for you.

  • Scalable Solutions

    From small businesses to large enterprises, Bluebird provides a personal, hands-on approach to supporting your business.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Excise-Software-Integration

    Excise Software Integration

    Integrated with the Excise Software, our POS allows you to keep a complete track of the liquor ordered, consumed, and stored in your Alcohol Inventory.

  • Dynamic-Pricing-Module

    Dynamic Pricing Module

    Attract more customers and boost your bar sales by offering drinks at dynamic prices. The prices of the drinks go up and down as per the Stock Exchange!

  • Happy-Hours-Features

    Happy Hours Features

    Easily create Happy Hour Offers in just a few clicks. Create customized Offers and Combos as per the time to increase the footfall at your pub.


Customise your point of sale

Customise your point of sale to work exactly how you need it. Setup Seehash on any device, add products and variations, set prices and promotions, and link up your payment systems and printers.


Take orders from anywhere

Take orders at the bar or at the table. Easily handle variations and add notes, names and tables to orders.


Handle payments quickly

Quickly take payments at the bar or at the table. Setup bar tabs, split bills, add tips or apply promotions – and accept cash, credit cards, account sales and more.


Easily manage order production & delivery

Assign orders to tables or the bar and instantly print production dockets in the kitchen, at the cocktail bar, or wherever it needs to be produced.


Build relationships with your customers

Collect customer details and offer VIP discounts or promotions that drive sales and revenue.


Get detailed reports on your business

Keep up to date by viewing real-time reports on daily sales, even when you’re not at the venue. Dive deeper to see which products are selling, what times of day you’re busy, and who your best performing staff are.


Integrate with other technologies you use

Increase efficiency by integrating your point of sale with the other technologies you use, including payment terminals, accounting software, employee scheduling tools, loyalty programs and more.

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