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The industry sectors we served include

    Inventory Control

    One area that can highly benefit from the use of blockchain is inventory control. For instance, by incorporating blockchain into inventory control, retailers can decrease items from inventory as with some standard shopping carts, but can also order replacement stock when pre-defined thresholds are reached.

  • IPR-Ownership
    Digital Ownership

    The tons of high quality photos, product videos, reviews, and other information that are integral to any e-commerce website are typically created at great cost to the store owner, but the ownership belongs to the e-commerce platform. However, with blockchain, retailers can have complete ownership of all digital assets.

  • Reward-Points
    Loyalty Reward Programs

    Blockchain can enable customers to benefit from personalized offers and loyalty reward programs. By securely capturing purchasing history and preferences on the blockchain, personalized offers and loyalty reward programs can be completely automated within the blockchain.

  • Option-to-Upload-ID-proof
    Identity Management

    As more and more people are using online channels to conduct transactions, the digital footprints they leave behind are unimaginable. Every time consumers enter their personal or bank information onto an e-commerce website for payment purposes, information gets stored on several internet databases.

  • supply-chain
    Supply Chain Tracking

    Every e-commerce site thrives on the reliability of its supply chain; a reliable supply chain process lets the store operator know what stock is in the pipeline and when new stock will arrive, as well as make sure vendors are supplying the exact products ordered.

  • Product-Management-For-Seller
    Warranty Management

    Very often, consumers and retailers experience the frustration of having lost paper receipts and being unable to prove warranty coverage. With blockchain, retailers can easily and efficiently store warranty information; manufacturers, retailers, and customers.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Swift Transactions

    There are no regular working hours of this platform. Blockchain works 365 days a year and can be accessed from any region and any time zone. Since every transaction is made within the network, there’s no need for approval of any sort from intermediary institutions. This process makes the transactions smooth and hassle-free.

  • Less Transaction Costs

    The absence of intermediary institutions means that there are no extra charges to be paid and the distributed database needs less maintenance saving money in the process.

  • Transparency

    The blockchain is an open source tech. There is no central entity owning and keeping the platform. So, there is no need for policies for this marketplace. Additionally, many users track the data so it cannot be tampered. Thus, it boosts the security of the entire system.

  • Data Security

    Nowadays, data is currently stored in a central place and controlled by a central party. This brings cybersecurity to risk. Since blockchain is decentralized, the data stored in it is also decentralized. It is virtually impossible to hack an entire blockchain. So, implementing blockchain in e-commerce secures the data.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Transparency


    Blockchain creates transparency and achieves consensus-based trust without the need for a central authority.

  • Robust-Structure

    Robust Structure

    The decentralized ecosystem offers a robust structure that is practically impossible to hack.

  • Cost-Effectiveness


    Rely on blockchain-led bitcoins and a host of other cryptocurrencies to avail cost-effective digital payment solutions.


Implement BlockChain as an eCommerce Tool

eCommerce success lies on trust. The Blockchain revolution is a game-changing process in the eCommerce market. It is a trust protocol and one of the first implementations is BitCoin, where each bitcoins has its entire owner history reference stored with it.


A Smart Protocol to Handle eCommerce Transaction

Seehash is a renowned name in delivering eCommerce services with new innovation and services to suit the various vertical sand areas of eCommerce market. Today with the big player adopting cloud solutions for eCommerce, everyone is looking for competitive solutions with better customer shopping experience.


Handling Advanced eCommerce Applications

By adopting blockchain technology, we at Seehash , make effective use of small contracts between buyer and seller, seller and logistics team, buyer and logistics team, etc. However, a universal ID for all blockchain platforms help to enjoy fixed price customized shopping experience.

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