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The industry sectors we served include

  • Capped-Contracts
    Capped Contracts

  • Mintable-Tokens
    Mintable Tokens

  • Multisig-Contracts
    Multisig Contracts

  • Finalizable-Contracts
    Finalizable Contracts

  • Upgradable-Contracts
    Upgradable Contracts

  • Refundable-Contracts
    Refundable Contracts

  • Mintable-Tokens
    Burnable Tokens/Freezing Tokens

  • Time-Vault-Contracts
    Time Vault Contracts

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Automated Monitoring

    If your company handles the same transactions on a regular basis, smart contracts can bring a new level of efficiency to your workflow. For example, smart contracts can keep track of lease payments, monitoring and verifying payment or starting the first level of enforcement automatically.

  • Transparent Recordkeeping

    The Blockchain technology associated with smart contracts helps to ensure transparency in all transactions, as well as recordkeeping that can’t be tampered with. If you’re in financial services, healthcare or any other field where an impenetrable wall must be maintained against fraud, smart contracts can help.

  • Reducing Middlemen Costs

    If your business involves a lot of intermediaries who have to approve milestones and authorize payment, smart contracts could be a very smart choice. The savings at each step when you have auto-execution and automatic enforcement of your contract can add up rapidly.

  • Use of Cryptocurrencies

    As increasing numbers of businesses use cryptocurrencies for payments, smart contracts become a more vital choice. Get rid of your need for merchant services companies and payment processors when you adopt Blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • De-risking


    Decentralized process of implementation, on which blockchain is based, reduces the risk of fraud. All processes are managed automatically by the whole user network rather than an individual user or party.

  • Reducing-cost

    Reducing cost

    Less human intervention and a decreased number of auxiliary steps results in lowered costs, with lower administrative and financial costs for the most common transactions.

  • New-business-models

    New business models

    Smart contracts enable new kinds of business and products, such as smart locks for vehicles and storage units, or innovations in the micro insurance sphere.


Blockchain Smart Contracts Development

Smart Contracts are automatically executable computer codes that defines the terms and conditions of a contract, under which the concerned parties agree to interact with each other. Since, the contract terms are stored securely in a digital format, businesses can achieve several economic goals such as minimizing losses due to fraudulence, reducing enforcement, arbitrations and other transaction costs.


Smart Contract Audit

Smart contracts are self-executing codes that controls the back-end functioning of DApps (decentralized applications). For ensuring sustainable decentralized ecosystem, smart contracts need to be audited to prevent issues related to theft, breaches and data loss. At Seehash, we offer standardized smart contract audit services for checking security vulnerabilities, as well as code efficiency of your contract. Our end-to-end auditing services includes automated auditing, multiple manual reviews, and gas analysis followed by a detailed audit report to ensure that your smart contract is functioning as intended to.

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