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Sales force automation software to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams


Here's how CRM can help you

  • 360°-customer-view

    360° customer view

    Access customers’ social profiles, identify customer touchpoints (website, product, interactions, appointments), and more—from a single screen.

  • Lead-scoring

    Lead scoring

    Know which sales lead is hot and who’s not, using lead scores. Prioritize follow-ups with data-backed insights.

  • Auto-profile-enrichment

    Auto profile enrichment

    Bid goodbye to manual data entry! When a lead is added in the sales CRM, their social profile information and photo are automatically updated in their profile.

  • Territories


    Group your sales team by territories. Focus on areas where you’re closing more deals, and identify territories with potential business.

  • Auto-lead-assignment

    Auto lead assignment

    In each territory, let the sales CRM automatically assign leads to handpicked salespeople on your team.

  • Appointments-tasks-notes-and-files

    Appointments, tasks, notes and files

    Schedule appointments with leads and customers; collaborate with your team on tasks. Make quick notes against each contact; manage and share files.

  • Smartforms-web-to-lead

    Smartforms (web-to-lead)

    When a visitor fills your web form, they’re automatically added as a new lead in Freshsales. Plus their profile is auto-enriched with lead score, social media information, and photo.

  • Visual-sales-pipeline

    Visual sales pipeline

    With a single sweep of the eye, locate the deals in each stage of your pipeline. Sort and filter deals to get a better view of your pipeline.

  • Deal-status-at-a-glance

    Deal status, at a glance

    How many deals are under review? What is the value of these deals? Get these insights instantly from the deal stage bar.

  • Action-oriented-follow-ups

    Action-oriented follow-ups

    Make calls and send emails to prospects right from the deals dashboard. You don’t have to click into each deal to act on it.

  • Track-deals-on-the-go

    Track deals on the go

    Keep track of your deals from the palm of your hand, with the Freshsales mobile CRM app for Android and iOS.

  • Deal-age

    Deal age

    Create reports based on time taken to close deals. Optimize your sales process and improve your reps’ performance.

  • Multiple-sales-pipelines

    Multiple sales pipelines

    Create reports based on time taken to close deals. Optimize your sales process and improve your reps’ performance.

  • Website-and-in-app-tracking

    Website and in-app tracking

    Which web pages are your prospects visiting? How do they interact with your product? Leverage these insights for smart conversations.

  • Activity-timeline

    Activity timeline

    Get a chronological timeline view of each prospect’s activity, so your sales team can pick the right moments and close deals faster.

  • Behavior-based-segmentation

    Behavior-based segmentation

    Using the data collected by the sales CRM, segment a contact’s activities and learn more about their engagement with your company.

  • Advanced-lead-scoring

    Advanced lead scoring

    Score leads based on their characteristics and behavior, so you know which leads are close to a sale and which others need nurturing.

  • One-click-to-call

    One click to call

    No extra software/hardware costs. Just place calls with one click from inside Freshsales.

  • Entire-conversation-history

    Entire conversation history

    View all your conversations in one place. Make your next sales call or schedule an appointment from the same interface.

  • Assign-numbers-to-your-team

    Assign numbers to your team

    Purchase local and toll-free numbers from inside Freshsales and assign them to your sales reps so they can start calling right away.

  • Automatically-log-calls

    Automatically log calls

    Sit back and let the sales CRM automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls. Stop worrying about faulty call logs.

  • Personalize-welcome-and-voicemail-messages

    Personalize welcome and voicemail messages

    Record a voicemail message inside Freshsales, upload a greeting, or type your voicemail message and let Freshsales convert it to audio.

  • Phone-activity-reports

    Phone activity reports

    Find out how many outgoing calls have been made by each sales rep across a specific time period. Quickly generate charts and tables that you can share with your team.

  • Manual-call-log

    Manual call log

    When a prospect calls your personal number, log the call in Freshsales, map it to an existing lead or create a new lead, and add notes—all in the same screen.

  • Call-transfer

    Call transfer

    Guide prospects to the right people in your team, by transferring calls in real time. If you’re not sure whom to transfer to, you can transfer the call to a territory.

  • Email-tracking

    Email tracking

    Get real-time notifications on email opens and clicks, and instantly plan your next course of action.

  • 2-way-email-sync

    2-way email sync

    Send emails from either CRM or your email client, and find the email in the Sent folder of both apps.

  • Sales-campaigns

    Sales campaigns

    Stop depending on other tools for your campaigns—use your Sales CRM to create, send, and track personalized outbound campaigns.

  • Personalize-templates

    Personalize templates

    Create email templates to avoid typing out the same message to multiple contacts. Personalize the templates and ensure they sound one-on-one.

  • Insightful-email-metrics

    Insightful email metrics

    Get open and click rates on all your email templates. Optimize your A/B tests to create effective templates.

  • Sales-first-inbox

    Sales-first inbox

    Received an email from a lead/customer and forgot about it? Use the “Awaiting Response” feature to find a complete list of emails awaiting your reply.

  • Team-inbox

    Team inbox

    With a common inbox, your sales reps can identify each other’s unanswered emails, get instant context into conversations, and follow up right away. No delays in response, no fretting over unavailable sales reps.

  • Customize-reports

    Customize reports

    Take control of reports you want to generate on your leads, sales figures and sales reps. Get granular insights in the chart formats of your choice.

  • Visual-sales-reports

    Visual sales reports

    Get clear, in-depth reports from the sales CRM. Choose from a variety of charts and tables, and glean information in seconds, not minutes.

  • Revenue-analytics

    Revenue analytics

    Get numbers on sales reps, territories, sources, campaigns and more. Create data-backed sales strategies and drive better sales numbers.

  • Reports-dashboard

    Reports dashboard

    View multiple reports on a single screen, with the reports dashboard. Use dashboard templates or create your own, and share them right from the sales CRM.

  • Sales-cycle-and-velocity-reports

    Sales cycle and velocity reports

    Find out how long your team is taking to convert sales qualified leads into paying customers. Also learn which stages your reps are stuck in.

  • Sales-activity-reports

    Sales activity reports

    Evaluate sales by your reps’ activities. Pull up reports based on emails sent, calls made, appointments scheduled, and tasks completed.

  • Trendline-reports

    Trendline reports

    Evaluate sales by time. Create reports to identify lead/deal trends over weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly time periods.

  • Reports-scheduling

    Reports scheduling

    Want to mark a recurring time in the day/week to send reports? Our CRM can automatically generate reports and send them for you.

  • Update-fields

    Update fields

    Use events as triggers to automatically update fieldsin Freshsales. Make changes to lead and contact profiles in real time.

  • Log-calls-and-add-notes

    Log calls and add notes

    Log all calls, map them to your leads/contacts/accounts/deals, and add notes.

  • Set-follow-up-tasks

    Set follow-up tasks

    Create follow-up tasks for sales reps around important events, like when a customer’s subscription is up for renewal.

  • Send-emails-automatically

    Send emails automatically

    A new lead in your CRM? Use custom templates and set up workflows to automatically send a welcome email.

  • Make-more-sales-on-the-go

    Make more sales on the go

    Get a 360° view of leads, contacts, accounts, and deals from your smartphone. Don’t stop selling when you step away from your desk.

  • Plan-your-day-from-your-smartphone

    Plan your day, from your smartphone

    Use the calendar in the sales CRM to view and schedule meetings, make calls and send emails. You can also book an Uber from the Freshsales app.

  • Stay-connected-with-push-notifications

    Stay connected with push notifications

    Receive notifications when a new lead, deal, or task is assigned to you. Get reminders about upcoming meetings.

  • Add-notes-tasks-and-appointments

    Add notes, tasks and appointments

    Even as your meeting is on, add notes and set follow-up tasks. Quickly schedule your next appointment too—all from the app.

  • Freshworks-Ecosystem

    Ticket Management

    Create and modify support tickets right from Seehash CRM. Also set up 2-way contacts sync between and Seehash, covering all fields including custom fields.

  • Google-Calendar

    Google Calendar

    Stop switching between your calendar and the sales CRM. Set appointments and manage your calendar from Seehash CRM. You can also map meetings to the respective contacts.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Imporved agility

    with user ablility to re-provision technological infrastructure resources for other purposes instead of attendance recording.


  • Significant

    cost reductions for maintenance is achieved with cloud based systems. No server hardware needs to be purchased or maintained with a cloud environment.

  • Easier Maintainence

    of cloud computing application because they do not need to be installed on each user’s computer and can be accessed from multiple places.

  • Increased Productivity

    Multiple users can work on the same data simultaneously, rather than waiting for it to be saved and emailed.


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Simplify-Payroll-Operations

    Simplify Payroll Operations

    Staff portal is web portal where the the employees have access to their own attendance, leave details, pay slip, IR8A forms & their personal particulars. This portal can be hosted at the client server itself.

  • Consistently-Deliver-Error-Free-Payroll

    Consistently Deliver Error-Free Payroll

    Check-in & Check-out made Easy With Kevit People, you can monitor your employees’ in-time, out-time and total number of hours worked, including break intervals with ease!

  • Convenience-Flexibility-1

    Convenience & Flexibility

    E-leave software is designed to allow the employees apply their leaves electronically online via web browser or mobile phone. Those applied leaves can be approved.


Lead distribution

If you have multiple products or services, and different teams handling them, send the leads to the right team automatically. Ex: Blue leads to blue team and red leads to red team.


Email integration

Sync your email inbox with LeadSquared. Track all email conversations that your leads have with your sales team. Monitor if the emails match your company’s quality standards.


Sales automation

If the lead moves down the sales funnel, automate simultaneous sales alerts and activities. Change their lead stage, notify the relevant sales person and create a task for them to follow-up with this lead.


Sales tracking

Track all your revenue and sales performance metrics. Find the sales people who are performing well, and the ones who aren’t. Know how much revenue is being generated collectively and individually by your sales team members. Monitor if they are completing their tasks or not, and more.

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