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It’s time to sort your documents

Our Document Management system comprises of enterprise level workflow and business process management with great automation level and highly secure encryption of documents.This DMS solution is very easy to use, highly scalable and supports millions of documents. It allows collaboration and increase productivity on different levels in the organization, making every document available in just a few seconds. It has already inbuilt every possible feature you can think of.


World Class Document Management System

  • Powerful-Search-Engine

    Powerful Search Engine

    The DMS is equipped with a powerful search engine that helps you search in the content of a large number of documents within seconds.

  • Indexing-and-OCR

    Indexing and OCR

    The content of the documents is indexed and can be used to trigger workflows, even scanned images are read using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

  • Version-Control

    Version Control

    Track changes in documents by keeping multiple versions and revisions. An automatic version control can be set on documents synchronized from your devices.

  • Workflow-Management

    Workflow Management

    Documents can be routed through a workflow whereas various process steps can be automated for e.g. linking documents to business records, triggering auto approvals based on amounts etc.

  • Digital-Signature-Integration

    Digital Signature Integration

    Electronic signatures can be placed on documents by integrating to Digital Signature Libraries for compliance purposes.

  • Data-Dictionary

    Data Dictionary

    Create custom forms without any coding to record process specific data and attach documents to forms. Make use of the powerful features of the VA Application Development Framework.

  • Custom-Meta-Data

    Custom Meta Data

    Depending on your application area and document types, define custom meta data for your documents and make use of that in the workflow engine to automate tasks.

  • Tightly-integrated

    Tightly integrated

    One of its kind connection of the documents to the business data helps you to be more productive and keep a purposeful archiving of your documents.

  • Get-access-anywhere

    Get access anywhere

    A modern web-based platform allows you to access the DMS from any device and operating system. You just need a web browser.

Benefits to bank on

Manage Your Documents with Greater Ease

  • Cloud DMS Databases

    Our cloud-based DMS’s are built on superior Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) hosts, offering you a centralized, always-accessible document repository. 

  • Document Digitization

    We make it easy to convert typed documents, written notes, forms and other analog objects into digital formats, including DOC and DOCX, TXT, PDF & HTML.

  • Collaboration and Workflow Automation

    We design multi-tenant collaboration tools with UI/UX intuitive enough for employees of all experience levels to work together on documents effortlessly. 

  • Document Lifecycle Management

    Maintain a thorough record of all stages of a document’s development through thorough version controlling with document’s audit trail with timestamps.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas


    Centralize Document Management

    With your files stored in DMS, you have a central workspace where you can create, view, organize and search through your files from any device.


    Simplify Feedback & Approval

    Create rules for automating tasks such as reviews and approvals. You can also view up to 100 versions of a document and easily revert to an older version if needed.


    Enable Global Compliance

    Collaborate with anyone while meeting regulatory requirements.


It’s time to sort your documents

Our Software is securely integrated with ERP and CRM solution. It comprises of enterprise level workflow and business process management with great automation level and highly secure encryption of documents.


Robust access controls and reporting

You can keep track of your files with in-depth reporting on document statistics and performance, so that you can see who is accessing and using what content. Manage user permissions and ensure files are not being accessed by unauthorised users or devices.

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