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Event Management ERP


One system for your entire event & everyone in it!

Seehash is cloud-based event management software for event planners & participants. Experience a fresh approach to event planning, team collaboration and participant engagement. From start-to-finish, we make event management a snap for your entire team, and all in one powerful tool!


What can I do with Seehash?

  • Booking
    Booking Wizards

    Wizards guide you through the steps of  entering a booking, account, contact & other key functionality.

  • Shared-Calendar
    Shared Booking Calendar

    The venue booking calendar allows you to manage all of your bookable spaces in a simple but advanced featured calendar.




  • Google-Calendar
    Itinerary Scheduler

    Unique & powerful drag-and-drop event organization for event locations, functions, resources and attendee assignments.




  • Attendance-Vital-Stats
    Attendee Management

    Track attendee management details, including function attendees, guests, fees, seating, invitations,




  • Exhibitor-Management
    Booth / Exhibitor Management

    Helps you with every detail related to booth and exhibitor management.




  • Travel-Accommodations
    Travel & Accommodations

    Manage event travel and accommodation requirements with all of the information connected to the relevant attendees and events.




  • Floorplans

    Create elegant, precise floor plans that reflect your professional image.




  • Integrated-CRM
    Integrated CRM

    Manage clients with easy access to all details & activities, to drive marketing campaigns & keep track of all client & prospect communications.




  • Sales
    Sales Management

    Provides an effective, time-saving way to track leads & opportunities and easily convert them into clients with bookings.




  • Communications-Logs
    Communications Logs

    EventPro allows you to email standard contact letters and reports with any M.A.P.I compliant email program.




  • Invoicing-and-Payments
    Invoicing and Payments

    Invoicing and payments are an integral part of the system.




  • Integrated-Budgets
    Integrated Budgets

    This fully integrated module tracks revenue and cost items as you work, speeding up data collection and eliminating errors.




  • Task-Planner-Visit-Alerts
    Task Management

    event timelines, coordinate work assignments, and meet deadlines.




  • Catering-Management
    Catering Management

    Effectively organize and provide catering services, whether you manage catering at your venue, other venues, or catering deliveries.




  • KPI-Tools
    KPI Tools

    Evaluate the success of different elements in your organization using the measurements that are relevant to you.




  • Beverage-Management
    Beverage Management

    Create the beverage configurations and packages that you need, and set prices.




  • Staffing-Management
    Staffing Management

    Assign staffing requirements to your bookings, including all important information with built-in notes, comments and requirements




  • My-Packages
    Package Management

    Create pre-defined packages of your resources for quick assignment.




  • Reporting
    Powerful Reporting

    EventPro comes complete with a suite of professional reports for all of  your booking, finance and management reporting needs.




  • Unlimited-Security
    Assignable User Security

    To ensure confidentiality, your System Administrator controls each user’s access to various sections of Seehash.




  • Book-Later
    Online Booking Calendar

    Allows users to  view your  Location Booking Calendar online. – allowing multiple definable views for the optimal picture of venue location use.




  • Booking
    Online Space Booking

    Users can create and edit bookings online. New events are easy to book online with the step-by-step  New Booking Wizard.

  • Online-Booking-Enquiries
    Online Booking Enquiries

    Allows users to add online Enquiries, which are automatically pulled for easy processing.




  • Invoicing
    Online Invoicing

    Create and email out EventPro invoices with a login link so that the invoice can be paid online.




  • Event

    Visitors can view an event webpage with event details and registration links




  • Ads-without-Registration
    Online Event Registrations

    Attendees can register to your events online.




  • Virtual-Assistants
    Virtual Assistants

    Your very own time-saving assistants to simplify and streamline your workflow.




  • Dashboard-Insights
    Customizable Dashboards

    Instantly gather real-time data in a personalized layout to quickly review progress of your current projects and make smart on-the-spot decisions.




  • Data-Dictionary
    Data Analysis Tools

    Easy-to-use reporting tools that deliver the real-time data you need for informed decision making.




Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Empower planners

    Simplify setup with quick seating and check-in. Easily identify special guests and VIPs to offer an exceptional experience.

  • Keep everything in one place

    Keep everyone on the same page from start to finish by storing files for any event in one place and seeing event history.

  • Collaborate in real-time

    Strengthen relationships by inviting clients or vendors to watch and comment as you make changes on diagrams they can see.

  • Bring events to life

    Show clients exactly how their events will fit perfectly in your space, and upsell on critical details with to-scale, 3D diagrams.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Grow-Event-Attendance

    Grow Event Attendance

    Seehash’s event management software helps you drive attendance by promoting your event with multi-channel marketing campaigns.

  • Centralize-Event-Management

    Centralize Event Management

    Eliminate time-consuming tasks and streamline events management by leveraging the array of tools available in our integrated event software platform.

  • Increase-Event-ROI

    Increase Event ROI

    Gain real-time insights into event and meeting performance with our powerful reporting. Easily gauge how your events performance stacks up against your goals.


Track every detail in one convenient place

Spreading your data over many spreadsheets and stand-alone apps makes your job harder. We integrate two dozen event-specific tools into one platform so every detail is at your fingertips.


Minimize oversights and mistakes

Sometimes it only takes one missed deadline, lost file, misplaced email or dropped assignment to create chaos. Planning Pod makes your work life drama-free with tools that keep you organized and on track.


Manage your time better

Anyone who manages events wears too many hats. Our tools simplify tasks and automate complex processes, freeing up your time and minimizing busywork so you can breathe.


Keep your team and clients in the loop

Our tools make it easy to coordinate and share information with others. Just invite users into your account and start collaborating with them using reminders, dashboards, calendars and more.


Extend what Planning Pod can do by integrating with other applications

We integrate with Zapier so you can push your Planning Pod data to other popular platforms like Quickbooks, Xero, MailChimp, Google, Slack and Salesforce. Create custom workflows outside of PP for convenience.

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