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Food Ecommerce


On-demand eCommerce Solution
for Restaurants Cafes, and Food Delivery Businesses

Create a mobile app and website for your restaurant quickly, easily, and affordably with Mobicommerce. You’ll get a fully-tested online store and mobile app branded for your business complete with on-demand food ordering, pickup, and delivery as well as dine-in reservations, menus, and more. It’s the easiest way save time and increase sales!



  • Menu-Creation

    Menu Creation

    Create and show off your menu to visitors with descriptions and photos they can’t resist.

  • Customer-Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Customers can provide reviews and feedback about your restaurant, the order or delivery process, and your food.

  • Photo-Gallery

    Photo Gallery

    Give customers a peak at what they’re missing if they don’t order or make a reservation with the photo gallery built into your website and app.

  • Order-Tracking

    Order Tracking

    Track food orders, make changes, and monitor deliveries through a single online dashboard.

  • Food-Pickup

    Food Pickup

    When you create an online restaurant app, you need reliable tools for placing orders and scheduling pickups. You’ll get them with Mobicommerce!

  • Easy-Reordering

    Easy Reordering

    Your customers can save their orders to make it quick and easy to reorder in the future.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Premier Food E-Commerce

    Seehash cart uniquely fulfills the needs of the food industry: perishable goods, nutritional info, special diets, ingredients, refrigeration and preparation instruction.

  • Premier Scheduling

    Intelligent options, from customers picking delivery dates to automatic ship scheduling that avoids food spoiling in shipment over weekends and holidays.

  • Premier Shipping

    One-Click FEDEX / UPS / USPS label printing. Whether you ship from your garage or run multiple warehouses, we software for you. We know shipping!

  • All-In-One Platform

    Seehash includes multi-channel eCommerce, OMS, warehouse, inventory & shipping management, and CRM, all on one platform.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Delivery-Business

    Delivery Business

    Seehash offers the features and tools you need to expand your business, attract customers, and generate revenue across all devices.

  • Delivery-Chains

    Delivery Chains

    Restaurants and food delivery chains that use Seehash for their food ordering app solution are well-positioned to boost sales and grow.

  • Delivery-Marketplace

    Delivery Marketplace

    If your restaurant or food delivery business brings buyers and sellers together in a single marketplace, you can manage everything through one Seehash dashboard.


Menu Management

It’s easy to add, delete, or update your menu. Change photos, edit descriptions, and more without using any code.


Bulk Product Upload

Whether you’re creating a brand new menu or modifying an existing menu, you’ll save time by uploading items in bulk rather than one-by-one.


Customer Order Management

View, process, and track current and past orders to ensure orders are delivered on time and the process is always working correctly.


Group Pricing and Tier Pricing

Configure pricing to match your strategies by creating prices based on customer segments or other criteria.


Delivery Management

Schedule and manage deliveries, configure preferred delivery time slots for your customers, set up restricted delivery zones, and more.


Reporting and MIS

Seehash offers advanced reporting features so you can extract the data you need and make critical business decisions with confidence.


Content Management System

Create and manage forms and other content (without technical expertise) to keep your customers engaged and satisfied.

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