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About Seehash Gym Software

When your gym membership model business is small, it’s easy to keep track of things with paper, pen and spreadsheet. But the bigger your business grows, the harder it is to manage all the details of your many memberships, contracts, and class schedules.
Membership Integrity System (Seehash) is gym software that gives you a robust set of tools to help you manage any type of membership-based businesses, from gyms and dance studios to night clubs, churches and more

Fully Loaded Feature Bundle

  • Agreement-Management
    Agreement Management

    Create custom agreements for your members to e-sign when they sign up. Front desk is alerted at check in if an agreement needs to be e-signed.

  • Photo-Caputre
    Photo Capture

    Capture a member’s photo from your device’s camera and assign it to their account. The photo will then be used to identify member at check in.

  • Barcode-Check-in
    Barcode Check in

    Allow your members to check in by scanning a barcode. Our gym software system will lookup their account by their barcode id.

  • Fingerprint-Check-In
    Fingerprint Check In

    Allow your members to check in by scanning their finger. Our gym software system will match their finger with an enrolled account.

  • Keypad-Check-In
    Keypad Check In

    Allow your members to check in by keying in their id. Our gym software system will lookup their account by this id.

    Live Check Ins

    Ability to view all check ins coming through in real-time. Useful, if you are away from the gym and want to see people coming in.

  • Virtual-Terminal
    Virtual Terminal

    Setup Seehash as a virtual terminal to sell your services and products. Accept credit cards without the need of a hardware terminal.

  • Mobile-Reporting-Form-Builder

    Seehash gym software includes reports for you to access your data at any time. Each report allows for you to download in excel or csv.

  • Measurements

    Manage and track a member’s goals and progress like weight, body mass index and so much more. See the amount needed to reach their goals.

  • Family-Info-–-Father-Mother-name-status-etc.
    Family Members

    Link family members to their account. View the whole family directly from the primary member’s account.

  • Event
    Event Scheduling

    Setup your class schedule, training session, etc. Members can check in directly to an event. Book a member to event based off of their eligibility.

  • Bills
    Member Billing

    Setup a member’s plan as auto bill and our gym software billing system will auto charge their payment method and renew their plan when due.

  • Invoices
    Invoice Management

    Allows easy management and organization of a member’s dues. Simplifies management of balances and payments made.

  • 24-Gym-Access-Control
    24/7 Gym Access Control

    Seehash is fully integrated with Brivo On-Air, which eliminates the need to manage your access control system and gym management system.

  • Free-Business-Email-id
    Email Distribution

    Gives ability to send emails to all members at once. Set the system to send emails automatically based start date, plan expiration, event date, last check in date.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.


    All of our plans include free support. Just contact us by phone or through the app if you ever need help.


    Our gym management system was designed for anyone to use. You do not have to be a computer expert.


    Rest assured, our platform is hosted and setup using industry advanced security models.


    Feel free to grow, our pricing model does not limit the amount of members you can manage.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Gym-Management

    Gym Management

    Manage every aspect of your fitness club from member registration to
    employee efficiency with customizable metrics and reports.

  • Min-Customer-Efforts

    Customer Relationship Manager

    Track and view every step of the entire sales process
    from first contact to paying client.


    Client Portal

    Increase client satisfaction with easy self or family registration, class,personal training and facility booking, payments, and more.


Membership Management

Consolidate all client data, custom membership plans, billing schedules, auto-renewal candidates and more in one system.Allow staff to view member photos, status, payments, waiver status, and more upon check-in. Run detailed membership, demographic, financial and accounts receivable reports. Allow membership sharing for family and corporate memberships. Offer members credit card or direct bank debit billing. Freeze, suspend or cancel memberships. Use photo-ID, key tag or biometrics for member check-in


Facility Scheduling & Management

Centralize the scheduling of your physical resources and consolidate all of your classes, clinics, and rentals into a color-coded schedule. Schedule single resources or save time using our multi-scheduling option. Eliminate double-bookings with built-in conflict resolution capability. Allow staff to quickly locate available resources by day and time. Alter time and location for events with our simple drag and drop option. Report smarter with intuitive monthly calendar, resource usage and availability reports.


Locker & Equipment Tracking:

Simplify the management, tracking, rental and maintenance of your facility lockers. Rent and track all facility equipment and generate reports highlighting inventory levels and your most popular items.Charge, record, and track custom locker rental fees.Search for available lockers by size, number or proximity to another locker.Track and collect equipment fees, late fees, and replacement fees.Run reports to view expiring rentals during a specified date range.Receive notifications indicating overdue items upon member check-in.

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