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Unlike email, our ticketing system is designed for and agent productivity. This means that you can do so much more than just sending replies. Prioritize every ticket based on the keywords. Assign every ticket to a specific agent and group so there is no confusion about who should be working on which ticket. Filter tickets based on specific properties so the most important tickets that agents should work on are front and center.


Freshdesk simplifies work for your agents

  • Universal-inbox

    Universal inbox

    View and answer every Ticket from Seehash universal inbox. It’s like a smarter version of your email inbox. Emails, chats, calls, Facebook & Twitter tickets, forum posts, suggestions… It’s all there, accessible and manageable from one place.

  • Ticketing


    A “ticket” means communication between the customer and support staff inside your company. A ticket contains the complete stream of chat messages, emails, phone calls, or messages from other communication.

  • Hybrid-ticket-stream

    Hybrid ticket stream

    Tickets always look the same, regardless of the communication channel, i.e. Chat, E-mail, Voice, Feedback Forms, Twitter, Facebook messages, and others. Follow your customer .

  • Automated-ticket-distribution

    Automated ticket distribution

    Define the number of tickets, chats, and phone calls, received and solved by your agents. Some can manage more, some manage less. Measure and analyze employee’s performance.

  • To-solve-button

    To solve button

    In Seehash, Admins can choose if Agents will be able to answer tickets from the “All tickets” list or if they will only be able to answer tickets from the “To solve button”.

  • Rules


    Rules automatically allow you to assign a ticket at any stage of life, to the individual support agent or whole department needed to fulfill the service. Easy to configure cascading rules use criteria defined as granular or general depending on your needs.

  • Time-Rules

    Time Rules

    Time Rules are special rules that are not “action triggered”, but time conditional. Time Rules run in the background in intervals (usually every minute) and check if the conditions are met. If the result is positive, the rule is executed.

  • Responsibility


    Easily manage ticket responsibilities. Change the ownership of a ticket to a different department or even an individual agent. You always know who is responsible for solving each ticket. Never hear “I didn’t know it was my responsibility” again.

  • Departments


    Distribute tickets and support agents into departments. Define filters and transfer rules so that your tickets will always land in the right hands. Specify different signatures, phone and chat answering rules for different departments.

  • Time-tracking

    Time tracking

    Time tracking lets you track time spent by each Agent supporting customers and thereby gain a deeper visibility on the overall help desk performance. The time spent is tracked automatically for each ticket when this feature is turned on. Additionally, you can force agents to submit the time spent manually, and add a note if necessary.

  • Tags


    Customer queries are not the same. You solve a vast variety of problems, questions, and issues every single day. Add tags on your tickets in order to get a better grasp on various support topics. Also, use tags to differentiate important customers. Even add tags to existing tickets in order to sort and filter through your tickets easily.

  • Service-level-agreement

    Service-level agreement (SLA)

    Easily define an unlimited number of SLAs and let the automatic rules assign them to the right tickets. Seehash will make sure that tickets, phone calls, and chats will be assigned to your agents in the right order to fulfill your service level agreements with your customers.

  • Business-hours

    Business hours

    Does your help desk operate on 24/7/365, or does it work in a more traditional way, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday? Do you have a combination of departments working 24/7 and some standard office hours? If some of your departments operate from Monday to Friday.

  • Contact-groups

    Contact groups

    Contact groups help you manage and sort your business contacts in an easy way.

  • Live-Chat

    Live Chat

    Support customers in real-time with Seehash built-in online chat. No external applications needed, it’s all there. Proactively start chat sessions with hesitating customers by chat invitations. Be more effective and sell more.

  • Contact-fields

    Contact fields

    Contact fields are custom fields that are typically used to gather more information about your Contacts or Companies. Seehash allows you to create unlimited custom Contact fields.

  • Internal-tickets

    Internal tickets

    An Internal ticket allows you to create an internal note for your colleagues. The internal ticket has to be assigned to a specific agent. It is only visible to agents, not to the customers or any other end-users.

  • Companies


    Agents are people who provide support services, and with the admin role, they can also supervise and configure the system.

  • Ticket-fields


    Companies are collections of your Contacts. Each contact can be added to only one company. The use of the company feature is optional, and by organizing your customers into companies you can keep track of what those companies are requesting.

  • Mass-actions

    Ticket fields

    Ticket fields are used to gather more information about your tickets. Seehash allows you to create unlimited custom ticket fields.

  • SPAM-filters

    Mass actions

    Select multiple tickets once and run mass actions to save time. With this feature you can resolve, transfer, or delete multiple tickets by two clicks.

  • Pause

    SPAM filters

    Save your support agents’ time and fight against spam with automatic spam filtering in your help desk. Seehash implements a naive Bayesian spam filter, which learns from a set of emails you’ve marked as spam and automatically marks similar messages sent by spammers as spam. It needs to examine at least a few dozen emails before the filtering becomes reliable, but later it does the job with high accuracy.

  • Filters


    Seehash offers to Agents and Admins the possibility to take a Pause. It’s typically used to turn off receiving tickets, chats, and calls while they’re out of the office for a short time. (For example a lunch or coffee break.)

  • Notes


    In the Tickets section, you can create filters to sort tickets according to your conditions. You can create categories and let chosen tickets route into them.

  • Merge-tickets


    Seehash offers you the possibility to add private notes to a ticket, which are visible only to agents, not to the ticket requester or any other end-users that may have been CC’d on the ticket. This enables you to share progress internally, or log your updates for future reference. You can even transfer a ticket with an internal note to another agent.

  • Email-templates

    Merge tickets

    Merge Tickets is useful when you have received multiple or different conversations about the same issue, and you need to combine them into one ticket.

  • Ticket-Customer-insights-CRM

    Email templates

    In Seehash you can configure email templates for your Customers and Agents. All the email templates sent from your Seehash can be formatted as HTML or plain text emails. By using the implemented editor, you can easily edit and style the content of your email templates.

  • Canned-messages-Macros

    Ticket/Customer insights (CRM)

    See who you’re communicating with. Add fields for each contact to store custom data. Add notes, see their previous tickets, integrate plugins. With Seehash Helpdesk Software you will always be prepared. Get to know your customers better and increase the quality of your Helpdesk.

  • Predefined-answers

    Canned messages (Macros)

    Canned messages allow you to speed up your response by using a predefined sequence of text. Simply hit CTRL+Space while typing or click the canned message icon and select from your saved canned messages.

  • Attachments

    Predefined answers

    An efficient and simple way to rationalize your work flow is to create Predefined answers for support queries that can be answered with a single, general response. This saves you the time and struggle of formulating a separate reply to each customer that has the same issue.

  • Copy-Paste-images


    Drag&Drop files to your tickets or easily attach files to internal chats.

  • Export-tickets

    Copy & Paste images

    Seehash offers an option to copy & paste images to your tickets. Insert inline images into the body of your ticket.

  • Forwarding

    Export tickets

    Export Tickets to PDF and HTML with this feature.

  • Search-Replace


    Forwarding is one of the easiest ways to setup your email account with Seehash.

  • Split-tickets

    Search & Replace

    Seehash can automatically Search string in every incoming message and Replace it with something else before being displayed or stored in a database.

  • Email-notifications

    Split tickets

    Have you ever wondered how to deal with a ticket where a customer needs to solve multiple issues suitable for different agents/departments? With the Split Ticket feature, you can solve both problems faster and more effectively than ever before.

  • invoice-2474_16cf5270-ffa8-4c6e-b664-5b73fe167d57

    Email notifications

    Notifications can be activated to automatically send emails to agents: When a ticket is assigned to an agent, When a customer replies to an assigned ticket, when a new ticket is created in a department the agent is a member of.

  • Online-ticket-history-URL

    Online ticket history (URL)

    Seehash offers the option of adding an online ticket history link in your sent emails.

  • Multiple-ticket-tabs

    Multiple ticket tabs

    Seehash offers the option of having multiple tickets opened at once. Easily switch from one ticket to another and solve them all at the same time.

  • Agent-collision-detection

    Agent collision detection

    Prevent multiple agents from working on the same ticket. Seehash shows who’s viewing a ticket and who’s answering it.

  • Agent-ranking

    Agent ranking

    Fight against delivering poor customer support by letting your customers rate the responses and answers of your customer support agents. Identify negative trends in your customer support and act accordingly. Leverage the “Ranking” feature of Seehash.

  • Contact-forms

    Contact forms

    Adding contact forms on your website enables your customers to send email messages directly from your website. Contact forms are either built-in or popout forms. Once a visitor enters queries into forms and clicks send, a new ticket is created in Seehash. Multiple contact forms of different designs can be added to various websites.

  • Sounds


    Customize or disable any sound that is played in Seehash.

  • Audit-log

    Audit log

    Audit log is a chronological set of records that provides documentary evidence of activities that have been undertaken by support agents.

  • Tickets-export

    Tickets export

    Export tickets from the tickets view page to a downloadable CSV file to get a snapshot of the data at the moment you select that option.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Convert emails to tickets

    Automatically convert all emails from your customers to tickets and respond to them faster. Never miss another email in the clutter.

  • Intuitive Reporting

    Use Seehash built-in reports to track team performance, customer satisfaction and identify your biggest bottlenecks.

  • Social Helpdesk

    Connect with your customers from anywhere. Convert Facebook posts and Tweets into tickets and respond to them right from your Seehash.

  • Smart Automations

    Automate the ticket assignment process and say goodbye to repetitive chores.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Collaboration


    Collaborate with internal teams to reduce ticket turnaround time and improve productivity without having to expand your team size.

  • Multichannel


    Bring all support conversations, be it email, phone, chat or social onto a single platform and manage every customer interaction seamlessly.

  • Self-Service

    Self Service

    Set up a comprehensive knowledge base and deflect incoming how-to requests. Focus on customers with business critical issues instead.


Simple Email Integration

Tired of dealing with an overcrowded support e-mail box? Forward your support e-mail address into TeamSupport and let our web-based help desk take charge. Or use our Conversation feature which lets you talk to your customers through the main TeamSupport interface and never deal with an e-mail inbox again.


Ticket Automation & Workflows

TeamSupport lets you setup very simple rules to remind an agent to follow up, or even remind a customer when a ticket is pending their reply. Or maybe you want to make sure a ticket gets routed to the right person or group. Tickets can easily be routed, escalated, closed, or any of a number of other things with completely customizable and flexible rules.


Customizable Ticket Page

Easily move and hide fields on your custom ticket page with our easy drag and drop functionality. You decide what fields are visible, and where they reside on the ticket forms. Because not every customer support team is the same – so why should your ticket page be?


Custom Fields, Statuses & Properties

We know every business is unique, so we’ve designed TeamSupport to adapt to any customer service environment. With our custom help desk software, you can define properties (like custom ticket types and action types) to meet your customer support needs. We pre-configure a few types to help you get started, but you can change these to exactly what you need. You can also edit, delete, and re-order how your ticket types appear.


Ticket Collision Prevention

Our collision prevention features means users can easily see when someone else is looking at the same ticket.  Clicking on the users name lets you chat with them right away, and no matter who makes a change, tickets automatically update in real time for all users to see.


Related Tickets

Multiple tickets are often created that are about the same issue, especially in B2B customer support. TeamSupport’s related tickets feature lets you to associate tickets to each other, so you can see related tickets.  You can also create parent/child relationships where an update to the parent ticket will update all child tickets at the same time.


Task Management

Streamline your projects with help desk task management in TeamSupport. Create and assign tasks to any team member for easy management of issues with multiple actions. Tasks can be associated to tickets, contacts, customers, or internal users. Update notifications and reminders mean you never lose track of outstanding tasks, and subtasks help you streamline the process.

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