HR Management


Human Resource Management System

A Human Resource Management Software is a competent solution that offers complete control of all aspects of management process including Recruitment Management, Payroll Management, Performance Evaluation, Work Delegation, etc. The software stores all the necessary data that helps in retrieving any piece of information from anyplace at any time. The software eliminates the need for maintaining the humongous amount of paperwork, saving a lot of effort and time of the HR managers and HR departments.


HRMS Software

Seehash HRMS software is the cloud-based HR software in India that lets startups and SMEs to view and manage daily HR tasks. It is a comprehensive platform that lets businesses collate their employee and organisational data and streamline all HR process at one place. This cloud-based HR software is easily accessible from any corners of the world, which means 24/7 connectivity and access to valuable information right from this platform. Communication, organization, and operations were never this easy.


Key features

  • Flow-of-Information
    Information among Various Departments

  • Payroll
    Payroll Management Service

  • Leave-Management
    Employee Self

  • leave
    Leave & Attendence Management

  • assembly-industry
    Asset Management Service

  • Human-Resource
    Human Resource Management

  • Human-Resource
    Human Resource

  • Human-Resource
    Unlimited Security

  • Human-Resource
    Flow of Information

Benefits to bank on


  • Engage
    Seehash HR software in India enables free and easy communication platform within people in your organization

  • Performance

    It provides uncomplicated employee performance evaluations and report

  • Attendance & Leaves

    It lets you create & manage shifts, attendance policies, track every employee’s clock in/out time

  • Payroll Automation

    With our HRMS, you can create client projects, assign employees, monitor their timesheets & work out project profitabilities

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We offer a strong & lasting friendship

  • Quick-Setup

    Quick Setup

    Our HRMS has been majorly adopted by small sized businesses for its easy-to-use & intuitive interface.

  • Min-Customer-Efforts

    Min. Customer Efforts

    Seehash HRMS is an ideal solution for medium sized businesses because of certain important features in it.

  • Dedicated-POCs

    Dedicated POCs

    Dedicated Account Manager and an Expert Payroll Manager are appointed. These professionals act as your points contact throughout our relationship.


Digitized Employee Database

The foremost function of HR software is to electronically store all employee information that can be easily managed and retrieved at the time of need. This improves the organization’s overall productivity by eradicating the need for maintaining countless files with detailed workforce information. Additionally, the software is governed by robust security practices that ensure all the data is completely secure.


Payroll System

HRM software comes with an automated payroll system that diminishes the need for outsourcing payroll to a third-party provider. The payroll system can be easily linked to the employee information, time, and attendance tracking software. This helps in accurately calculating employee salaries and other benefits without any chances of error.


Employee Self-Help Portals

Employee Self-Help Portals empower your employees by allowing them to access and maintain their own information and keep it well-updated, for instance, any change in address, marital status, etc. This largely streamlines communication and saves the HR managers a lot of time and effort for other significant operations.


Performance Management

HRM software allows the HR managers to monitor the performance of each employee and obtain a clear picture of their strengths and exemplary skills. This management is especially helpful in offering special training to employees, reviewing appraisals, giving bonuses as well as improving the overall productivity of the company.

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