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Businesses our taxi app development solution caters to

While our solution is customizable to the bottom and, with a bit tweaking, should be ready to run any business that requires handling a fleet, these are some of the businesses verticals it’s common to.


Optimal passenger convenience with taxi app solution

  • Book-Now

    Book Now

    When a passenger wants a ride to his destination the very moment

  • Book-Later

    Book Later

    When a passenger wants a ride to his destination later today

  • Enter-Destination

    Enter Destination

    To book a cab, the passenger just needs to enter his destination

  • Book-for-others

    Book for others

    When the passenger wants to book a taxi for a relative or a friend

  • Multiple-Payment-modes

    Multiple Payment modes

    You can integrate payment gateway of your choice: Stripe, PayPal etc.

  • Vehicle-Selection

    Vehicle Selection

    Passengers when booking can choose between cars of various types

  • Multi-Language-Support

    Multi Language Support

    Run the app in English, Spanish, Mandarin, or a local language

  • Give-Credits

    Give Credits

    Offer you customers free credits and raise their loyalty

  • Reviews-and-Ratings

    Reviews and Ratings

    Passengers can rate a driver in the scale of 1-5 and write review

  • Add-Promocode

    Add Promocode

    Your customers can add a promocode to earn discounts and credits

  • Display-Promotion

    Display Promotion

    Any upcoming or ongoing promotion can be a displayed on screen

  • Past-Trips

    Past Trips

    Users can learn about all the trips they took with the app

  • Upcoming-Trips

    Upcoming Trips

    If a user chooses ‘Ride Later’, rides should be visible here

  • Help-and-Support

    Help and Support

    Customers can seek support in case he has an issue with a trip

  • Edit-Delete-Member-Profiles

    Business Profile

    Keep business trip separate so that you have easy time reimbursing

  • Invite-Code

    Invite Code

    Each user receives a unique invite code they can share with others


Admin and dispatcher panel

  • Login-Attempt-Control
    Secure Login

    With 2-way authentication, your taxi platform is secure and only you can access it

  • Project-Owners-Dashboard
    Interactive Dashboard

    The most important information about operation at a glance, single place

  • Dispatch-Panel
    Dispatch Panel

    One-touch dispatch of vehicles to the place customers waiting for them

  • User-Control
    User Control

    A user can be assigned various level of access control from view to full access

  • Auto-Dispatch
    Auto Dispatch

    The solution can be configured to work in semi-autonomous way with auto dispatch

  • Manual-Dispatch
    Manual Dispatch

    Cruise control wherein a fleet handler assigns individual ride to a customer

  • Customers-and-drivers-Info
    Customers’ and drivers’ Info

    As an admin, you can check all the drivers and customers registered with your services

  • Vehicle-Management
    Vehicle Management

    You can manage all the registered vehicles, put them on top priority, or blacklist them

  • Define-Business-Rules
    Define Business Rules

    You can define the business rules to run the operation within the admin panel

  • Set-Tariff
    Set Tariff

    Admins can set tariff that the passenger must pay to the drivers and avoid conflicts

  • Geo-restrictions

    You can put geo-fencing around your service and receive a notification whenever passed

  • Real-time-tracking
    Real-time tracking

    You track each driver: on trip, off trip or idle on an interactive map on the dashboard

  • Payment-Disbursal
    Payment Disbursal

    You can disburse pending payments of drivers with a single click and resolve related disputes

  • Notifications-1
    Send App Notifications

    When there is a news or promotion, you want your drivers and customers to learn about

  • Mobile-Reporting-Form-Builder
    Reporting & Analytics

    With integrated analytics software, you learn from the data and make calculated moves

  • Booking
    Web & Call Booking

    Whether the booking coming from a call or web, they populate on dashboard to dispatch


Driver App

  • Accept-Ride
    Accept Ride

    Driver must accept a ride on time before it passes to another driver

  • Reject-Ride
    Reject Ride

    If a driver isn’t in the position to ride, he can decline the request

  • Pickup-Location
    Pickup Location

    The driver receives passenger’s pickup location upon accepting request

  • Start-Trip
    Start Trip

    Drivers can start a trip with a single tap on the ‘Start Trip’ button on the app

  • Navigation

    Drivers can navigate to passengers’ pickup location and drop-off location

  • Start-Trip
    End Trip

    When a passenger is at the destination, driver can end the trip with ‘End Trip’

  • Drop-off-location
    Drop-off location

    A driver knows the passenger’s drop off location without having to ask him

  • Trip-Summary
    Trip Summary

    At the end of a trip, the app displays fare to be collected and various trip details

  • Copy-Paste-images
    Past Rides

    Driver can have a relook at all the rides he took in reverse chronological order

  • Upcoming-Trips
    Upcoming Rides

    Drivers can learn about any scheduled ride he must pick over the day

  • Go-Offline
    Go Offline

    When a driver wants a break, he can switch to go offline with a single tap

  • Sign-out

    At the end of the day, the driver can sign-out of the app from the menu

  • Contact-fields
    Contact Customer

    Driver can call and text the passenger in addition he can chat with him too

  • Rate-passengers
    Rate passengers

    Just like passengers, drivers can rate their passenger on a scale of 1 to 5

  • Wallet

    The driver app has a wallet integrated and is easily accessible from in app menu

  • Support

    When a driver runs into a problem be it payments or a passenger, he can ask help

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Customizable & Whitelabel

    A whitelabel solution is a ready-to-use software suite that with little, over-the-top customizations and branding becomes a part of your business identity.

  • Deploy on a server of choice

    We help you deploy the solution on the server of your choice whether shared, hosted or cloud. In case you don’t have access to a server, we can deploy on ours for a nominal fee.

  • Multiple payment gateways

    Whether you want to integrate our recommended Stripe, Uber’s Braintree, the very popular PayPal, or a payment gateway of choice, the integration is uncomplicated

  • Scalable and Robust

    What started with a handful of drivers and few hundred users will soon grow to include hundreds of drivers and thousands of users in many cities. Our solution is scalable.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Easy-to-use

    Easy to use

    The cab booking app is really simple to use. Within a matter of just a few procedures using the app, the user can book their cab and get rid of all other tensions regarding their travel.

  • Tap-for-Booking

    Tap for Booking

    You only need to tap for booking your vehicle and enter the details of your journey and the cab will reach your destination for pick-up

  • Taxi-Key-Benefits

    Taxi Key Benefits

    With our taxi booking app, you can be free from all other worries regarding the travel and get ready to experience your journey hassle free.


Auto Detect Current Location

Our Application is a location aware platform , which has a built-in feature to auto-detect the current location of the user. As soon as the user visits our application, the user will be asked if the application can use the current location of the user. Also, taxis can be easily booked beforehand by mentioning the pick up and drop point. And the user can also track current location of the driver and view driver details like driver name, phone number, vehicle number etc.


SEO Friendly application

Our application is an SEO friendly system with meta information management for the CMS pages and the use of breadcrumbs allows user to navigate easily.

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