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With increasingly complex supply chains and continuously squeezed margins, the wholesale and distribution sector is faced with the constant challenge of doing more for less. In a quest to increase business efficiencies while keeping pace with demand and improving profits, more and more wholesale and distribution businesses are turning to software for help.


Transport Management Solution (TMS)

covering shipment order management, planning, execution, documentation & billing (Hub management)

  • Rail-Car-Management
    Rail Car Management

    Features encompassing all rail car operations including loading, rail car-container mapping, wagon-wise track n’ trace and so on.

  • Commodity-Management
    Commodity Management

    Features for all commodity transportation processes that include break bulk and burst, commodity track n’ trace, freight conversion etc.

  • COD-Management
    COD Management

    Facilitates end-to-end cash on delivery process

  • Amenities-on-Google-Maps
    Map Integration

    Creation of APIs for integration with HERE Maps.

  • Toll-Management
    Toll Management

    Enables comprehensive toll management by maintaining toll agency records, mapping routes to toll stations, continuously updating toll charge information in the system etc.

  • Freight-Forwarding-Work-Station
    Freight Forwarding Work Station

    An exclusive screen for Freight Forwarding, wherein all related information may be accessed and operations performed


Warehouse Management System (WMS)

for the basic receipt-GR-Put Away-Pick-Pack-Dispatch functions to advanced automation needs

  • Damaged-Stock-Management
    Damaged Stock Management

    Thorough coverage of damaged stock management, with numerous options for its categorization, monitoring levels, preservation and disposal

  • Carrier-Integration
    Carrier Integration

    Creation of APIs for integration with carriers such as UPS, FedEx etc., for rate shopping, manifest creation, label generation and so on

  • GTP-Integration
    GTP Integration

    Creation of APIs for integration with goods-to-person order fulfillment systems


Fleet & Asset Management

for end-to-end in-house fleet management to increase the availability of fleet and reduce your TCO

  • Asset-Auto-discovery
    Unified Asset Induction

    New assets need to be inducted into the system only once – asset information is auto-recorded in both operational and financial systems. No separate entries required.

  • Cost-Effective-Asset-Retirement
    Cost-Effective Asset Retirement

    Asset retirement recommendations are based on comprehensive parameters, encompassing usage history, present condition and so on, to ensure maximum utilization

  • Optimized-Resource-Allocation
    Optimized Resource Allocation

    Capability to provide fleet allocation recommendations based on a variety of factors such as maintenance schedules, cargo compatibility and so on, for optimized trip-vehicle matching

  • Purchase-Orders
    Work Order Capitalization

    Provision for partial and full capitalization of work order


Rating And Billing

for maintaining & managing rates and contracts for both suppliers and customers

  • Petty-Cash-Management
    Petty Cash Management

    Feature that tracks all petty cash handling and passes relevant information to Finance

  • Invoices
    Location-Level Invoice Generation

    Provision to generate finance invoices at the individual location level

  • bill-revenue
    Revenue Breakdown

    Capability to view detailed breakdown on revenues in the initial Booking Request stage


HUB Management

For managing the end to end needs of in-transit Hubs

  • Website-and-in-app-tracking
    Seal Information Tracking

    Capability to capture and view seal information during hub loading and hub receipt

    Short/Excess Consignment Declaration

    Provision to capture receipt and details of short / excess consignment at hub

  • Fraud-Protection
    Pilferage Declaration

    Provision to capture loss / theft of consignment

  • My-Packages
    Stock Management in Transport HUB

    Capability of Hubs to handle inventory storage requirements that arise during transit.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Optimization Engine (iPO)

    Covers end to end needs of all your Logistics operations

  • Capex Light

    Deployment on the cloud with minimal Infra investment

  • Customer First Approach

    Through workflows to suit customers requirements

  • Optimization Engine (iPO)

    Provide optimal solution to your complex problems

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Intelligent-Visibility

    Intelligent Visibility

    With Command Centre acting as central control Towers

  • Intuitive-Easy-to-Use

    Intuitive & Easy to Use

    Chatbots, Mobility and Analytics to make transactions simpler

  • Collaborate-in-real-time

    Collaborate in real-time

    Keep yourself updated at every step of the way on the operations from anywhere.


Employee management

Complete employee information at your fingertips. Manage & access all the vital data you need to know about your employees online. Maintain & track information of all your employees.


Cloud Payroll

Complete employee information at your fingertips. Manage & access all the vital data you need to know about your employees online. Maintain & track information of all your employees.


Time & Attendance

Easy attendance module lets you import your biometric attendance system data into the software for precise calculation of the salary. It provides all the necessary reports for HR to manage employee time and attendance.


TDS and Payroll Compliance

Easy payroll helps you to stay compliant with the latest state/country-specific regulatory laws. Automatic tax computation as per the latest law in your state/country. Add/Modify custom tax components for each employee.


Employee Self Service (ESS)

ESS provides employees with access to their personal records and payroll details online anytime saving HR a lot of time which can be invested in other fruitful activities.

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