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Within the Seehash sector, Decision Inc. Immix offers an exploration, Mining and Minerals Processing (xMMP) ERP software solution that covers the total life-of-mine. The solution manages mineral rights (tenements) claims; exploration; drilling; engineering, planning and construction management for the development phase; actual mining production; stockpiles; plant; shipping and dispatching, all the way to mine rehabilitation. The xMMP modules are embedded within Microsoft Dynamics AX (the core ERP solution) as opposed to other systems.

Other aspects of this comprehensive xMMP solution include health and safety, a laboratory information management system, treasury, housing, stakeholder management and interfaces to third-party systems such as GIS, supervisory control and data acquisition.


Mine Management Software

  • Environment-LIMS
    Environment Management

  • Production-Planning
    Production Management (Metals Accounting)

  • Health-Fitness

    Mining Health and Safety

    Stores And Inventory Management

  • Free-Active-Members-Report
    Stakeholder Management

  • Chemical-LIMS
    Laboratory Information Management

Benefits to bank on


  • Reliable information

    Consolidated data allows mining companies to proactively respond to market volatility and better manage project costs and resource utilization.

  • Reduce workarounds

    Our Mining Solutions simplify and automate processes to drive efficient, consistent business processes across the organization.

  • Automate labour-intensive work

    Real-time reports and timely data analysis help mining companies stay ahead of cost overruns and identify opportunities to cut costs.

  • Proactive approach

    Improve capital asset management to minimize downtime and unexpected costs. Continuous monitoring of equipment with ERP ensures optimum lifetime performance.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas



    Our mining solutions are designed to deliver the functionality you need when you need it, ensuring consistency and a smooth transition from exploration to development and production.


    Global solutions

    Manage your global operations and compliance with our , multicurrency and multi legislation solutions, accessible from anywhere, anytime. Simplify your international business processes, control your development and production costs.

  • CDN

    Comprehensive solutions

    Accelerate and control your mining processes with our complete and versatile solution built on world-class technology, years of industry knowledge and professional services.


Mining is a complex and uncertain industry

fluctuating resource pricing, dynamic and often unpredictable resource fields, and projects that need to be managed through the entire lifecycle. Controlling costs across exploration, construction and operation, right through to retirement, is a challenge, but one that needs to be met to remain competitive and profitable.


Underpinning any competitive

The different phases of projects, while maintaining the ability to scale up and down as necessary. Pronto Xi is the software used by over 100 mining, oil and gas companies to improve production efficiencies and maximising profitability all while managing people effectively. It’s the ERP that ensures you operate at peak efficiency, always.

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