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Welding is the most important process in piping and steel structure projects. Seehash weld and NDT Management software facilitates controlling all required activities and data processing to manage welding process, controlling the quality of work, Non-Destructive Tests (NDT) management, Welder Performance analysis, and technical documentation creation.


Core Features

  • Inward-Outward-Management
     Inward & Outward Management

  • Offer-Entry
    Offer Entry

  • Work-Sheet-Technical-Activity-Sheet
    Work Sheet (Technical Activity Sheet)

  • Provision-of-Shooting-Sketch
    Shooting Sketch

  • Radiography-Testing-RT-Report
    Radiography Testing (RT) Report

  • Ultrasonic-Testing-UT-Report
    Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Report

  • Magnetic-Particle-Testing-MPT-Report
    Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) Report

  • Dye-Penetration-Testing-DPT-Report
    Dye Penetration Testing (DPT) Report

  • Sales-Receipts
    Invoice & Receipt

  • Film-Purchase-Wastage
    Film Purchase & Wastage

  • Employee


One Time Master Entry

  • Set-all-Masters-by-your-Own-One-Time-Only
     Set all Masters by your Own & One Time Only

  • Customer-Details
    Customer Details

  • Film-Size-in-inch-centimeter
    Film Size in inch & centimeter

  • Procedure-Reference
    Procedure Reference

  • Evaluation-Standard
    Evaluation Standard

  • Acceptance-Standard
    Acceptance Standard

  • Camera-Detail-Last-Loading-Date-Source-Strength-
    Camera Detail ( Last Loading Date & Source Strength )

  • Wastage-Reason-Film-Wastage-
    Wastage Reason ( Film Wastage )


Track Your Transaction

  • Attract-New-Customers
    Offer Entry from Customer End (via Internet)

  • Inward-Outward-Management
     Material Inward & Outward (For Casting & Fabrication)

  • Day-Closure-Reports
    Make Reports of RT, UT, MT, LPT

  • Report-Listings
    Worksheet for Radiography Report

  • Activity-Report-Logging
    Film Challan from RT Report

  • Sales-Receipts
    Receipt from Customer & Manage Customer Outstanding

  • Invoices
    Invoice from Film Challan

  • Exhibitor-Management
    Manage Work done by Radiographer


Radiography Report (RT)

  • Phone-activity-reports
    Generate RT Report  from Worksheet

  • Provision-of-Shooting-Sketch
    Provision of Shooting Sketch

  • Arrears-Calculation
    Auto Calculation of Film Size Summary

  • Arrears-Calculation
    Auto Calculation of Total Square Inches Used

  • Activity-Report-Logging
    Revision of RT Report (For Repair / Reshoot)

  • Remove-Duplication-of-Work-by-Copy-Option
     Remove Duplication of Work by Copy Option

  • Arrears-Calculation
    Auto Curie Calculation – Camera Wise

  • Arrears-Calculation
     Calculation of “RESULT” –  Finding & Thickness wise

  • Only-Repair-Film-will-come-in-Invoice-of-Revised-Report
     Only Repair Film will come in Invoice of Revised Report

  • Provision-of-Shooting-Sketch
    Provision of Shooting Sketch

  • Provision-of-Sticker-Print-of-Each-Film
    Provision of Sticker Print of Each Film


Film Purchase & Stock

  • Provision-of-Film-Opening-Stock-in-inch-cm
    Provision of Film Opening Stock in inch & cm

  • Film-Purchase-Wastage
     Provision of Film Purchase

  • Wastage-Reason-Film-Wastage-
    Provision of Film Wastage

  • Ads-without-Registration
    Wastage Register (Reason, Operator, Film wise)

  • Maintain-Film-Stock
    Maintain Film Stock



  • Integrated-Budgets
    Employee Salary Entry

  • Notes
     Payslip Generation

  • Loan-Advance-Management
    Employee Loan Provision (Balance Loan)

  • Income-Tax
     Professional Tax, Provident Fund, ESIC Provision

  • Ewallet
     Salary Register (Month & Employee wise)

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Data Security

    NDT ERP software is most secure and robust. setting user permissions can prevent sensitive data from ending up in the wrong hands. Users will be able to access only what they need to from the system.

  • Stay on Top of Regulations

    NDT ERP system is equipped to ease regulatory compliance required for business processes such as financial accounting, data security and product traceability.

  • Mobile Accessibility

    Access the software from anywhere and any device. We are offering native applications on Android, iOS and web application for your ease of work.

  • Cloud-based system

    Our NDT ERP is a cloud based system, hence enabling live data sync and access the live data from anywhere. Monitor the server logs and server analytics to know live traffic in the application.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Reduce-manual-and-spreadsheet

    Reduce manual and spreadsheet

    Based processes by up to 70%, by using one back office system including financials, fulfillment, inventory,sales and reports

  • Real-time-Analytics

    Real- time Analytics

    Gain daily cash balance visibility, using real-time dashboards, scorecards and KPI’s.

  • Reduce-Costs

    Reduce Costs

    Save up to 93% in IT costs associated with maintaining, integrating and upgrading separate applications.

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