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Online Bidding Ecommerce


Key Features

Already feature rich, intuitive and easy to use, we are constantly expanding our platform to deliver excellence across all auction verticals.

Not just a web site solution, but an all encompassing auction management system. Plus, you can configure a system based on a shopping list of our extensive feature set to deliver on your specific business requirements.



  • Bid-Offer-Management-For-Seller
    Bid Offer Management For Seller

    Sellers can view the bid offers for their listed products. Check the highest bidder, which will be the auction winner.

  • Payment

    Buyers can make payment for purchase products by secure credit card processing.

  • Manage-Auction-Closings
    Manage Auction Closings

    Manage Lot Order by dragging and dropping lots, select closing times, or group lots to close together.

  • Build-Auction-Catalog
    Build Auction Catalog

    Create draft lots with just a title and category. Later fill in all required fields before validating lots and publishing the auction.

  • Product-Management-For-Seller
    Product Management For Seller

    Sellers can add, edit or delete the products online. While adding a product they have to enter the details.

  • Search-Product
    Search Product

    Buyers can search for product by selecting the category/sub-category, location & keywords over the website.

  • User-Profile
    User Profile

    Buyers/Sellers will be able to manage their basic information includes add/edit details.

  • Product-Listing
    Product Listing

    Buyers can view listings of product and sort them by keyword, price or alphabetical format.

  • Product-Detail
    Product Detail

    Buyer can view the product Image, category, sub-category, seller name or store name, store location.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Effective Admin Panel

    This feature enables the admins to manage the system easily. This panel is similar to a dashboard that allows multiple admin management as well.

  • Automated Workflow

    The portal has a range of work processes that streamline and automate its workflow. In short, these work processes never let the overall auction process to be stagnant or delayed.

  • Auction structuring

    Our application allows the purchase manager or buyer to invite all interested vendors or sellers across the world to participate in the auction.

  • Cloud based Set up

    Increase or decrease server capacity based on the activities in the application. Monitor the server logs and server analytics to know live traffic in the application.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • eAuction-Module

    Real Time Bidding

    Auction bids are updated in real time creating an exciting bid process that encourages higher bids

  • Powerful-Reports-Analytics

    Intelligent Reporting:

    Boardroom level quality reports are generated to assess the efficacy of organizational processes being undertaken.

  • Secure-Data

    Data Security

    Business critical data is well-protected with security layers and privileged access checks


Make Managing and Running Auctions Easy

Create, consign, lot, list online, accept bids, integrate to simulcast live auctions or run a timed auction, clerk, invoice and accept secure online payments.

A trusted affordable auction platform working globally and processing over £100MM in bids annually across a diverse mix of fine art, specialist and industrial auctioneers.


GDPR Compliant, Own Your Data, Know Your Customer.

We’ve done all of the hard work to ensure GDPR compliance, you can focus on building up accurate, profiled customer lists with full bidder and vendor history, allowing you to make smart business decisions.

And with our integrated e-mail marketing tools, building sending and reporting on auction alerts has never been simpler!


Dynamic Timed Auction Solution

Creating a user experience second to none, our software transforms online only auctions, making them almost as exciting as a sale in the room!

No hefty % of hammer billing, we offer a transparent and negotiable fixed fee model.

Please ask for a no obligation demonstration of this unique solution for online only auctions. (Online and face to face demos are available).


3rd Party Integrations

We have done the hard work to make sure we can quickly integrate to common systems including postcode look ups, mobile phone verification, address verification, payment processors, ERPs and live bidding platforms.

This gives you the confidence that integrations are reliable, tested and quick to add in making your customers lives easier.

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