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Performance Management System

Seehash’s performance management software helps cut to the heart of effective performance management. Our employee evaluations encourage action and limit subjectivity, and the entire process takes far less time than traditional talent management. Our Performance system will facilitate Higher engagement, more accurate reflections of employee performance, and more chances to address problems in the moment—instead of six months from now.


Key Features of Performance Management System

  • Manager-Dashboard

    Manager Dashboard

    Managers have access to a dashboard to review their team’s progress.

  • Configuration-Options

    Configuration Options

    Admins can select which panels to include in the review program, when they are accessed and how they are weighted.

  • Job-Based-Assessment

    Job-Based Assessment

    Evaluate an employee based on their existing job role to identify areas for development.

  • Objectives


    Track and monitor an employee’s objectives with an easy, accessible dashboard.

  • Development-Goals

    Development Goals

    An employee’s Development Goals page is populated with development options, learning links, and coaching tips.

  • Journal


    Employees and managers can document important items.

  • Progress


    View an employee’s overall performance progress.

  • Performance-Reports

    Performance Reports

    Generate customizable performance reports.

  • Appraisals


    Employees and/or managers can contribute to the evaluation process.


Advanced performance management functionality out of the box

  • Performance Tracking

    Empower people to keep track of their goals and track progress anywhere, anytime with the mobile app.

  • Add journal entries

    Quickly add journal entries against performance goals and objectives

  • Objectives auto sync

    Goals are automatically synced to and from the mobile app

  • Track team performance

    Managers can switch between team view and individual view

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Accelerate Workforce Performance With
Continuous Performance Management Solution


Cascading goals

Sharpen focus on tasks that will move the organisation forward. Cascade team goals and use intuitive objective setting to bring everyone into alignment with organisational goals.



Provide feedback to colleagues and record achievements against your own goals to make performance feedback an everyday habit. Easily attach documents and images.


Score and rating calibration

Calibrate performance reviews to ensure an objective and holistic approach that builds confidence in performance management.



Make decisions based on reliable metrics then accurately measure the results. Managers can view team analytics dashboards, and HR and executives can view metrics at the organisation level.

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