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About Seehash Repair Software

The Most Complete Repair Shop Platform Available.

The industry sectors we served include

  • Manage-Auction-Closings
    Risk and compliance

    The heart and soul of a repair shop is the ticketing system – and we know it. Your tickets will show you exactly what you need, when you need it, from any device.

  • Point-Of-Sale
    Point Of Sale (POS/EPOS)

    Our Point of Sale (POS/ePOS) system will help you run a simple retail shop, or a chain of high volume stores – with all the necessary reporting.

    Robust Inventory Management

    Expertly keep track of all your stocked items and services with our powerful inventory system.

  • Invoicing-and-Payments
    Invoicing/Recurring Module

    Invoicing system with all the power a repair business or retail store will need. Recurring Invoicing for business contracts. Payment links in invoice emails and on customer area.

  • Lead-Qualification

    Now your website can have powerful customizable wizards that ask your customer for information about their issue and you get notified instantly with nice structured data that tells you where it came from.

  • Marketing-Copy

    Automatically staying in touch with your customers. Most of our users tell us this tool continues to bring them new business and that “Marketing Campaigns” alone is more than paying for the cost of the software.

  • Integrated-CRM
    Customer & CRM

    With powerful customer management and search you have your entire database instantly available from anywhere.

  • Customer-Details
    Customer/Tickets Feedback Module

    Gain valuable insight about your customers thoughts and experiences with your business? With MGR, now you can collect feedback from your customers via emails.

  • Advanced-Customer-Account
    Customer Loyalty Program

    A loyalty/rewards program can help you build customer loyalty, deepen engagement, and serve as a marketing benefit you can tout to attract new customers.

  • Client-Portal
    Customer Portal

    Customer portal helps your customers know exactly where to go to find information related with their repair. Facilitate customer engagement – Improve engagement by empowering customers to interact with your company when and where it’s convenient for them.

  • Project-Owners-Dashboard
    Ticketing Dashboard

    Ticket Dashboard will help you avoid those frustrated customer calls because someone hasn’t heard from you, and you’ll never have to worry about.

  • Use-Reporting-to-Grow
    Full Reporting Module

    Our reporting module has unparalleled power due to the nature of our fully integrated software. Because your Ticketing/Invoicing/CRM/Inventory are all in one place, we can give you insight that crosses all these areas.

  • Employee
    Employee Management

    Spend your time repairing, not tracking. Reduce labour costs, increase employee productivity & have control over what your employees can see and do within one unified system.

  • Referral-wise-Income
    Employee Shift/Rota Planner

    You’ve got better things to do than build your staff rota – but there’s no avoiding it! Sure, it’s easy enough to plan a staff rota if all your employees work nine-to-five, Monday to Friday – but you still need to cater for leave requests and holiday management.

  • Document-Management
    Document Manager

    Store all your most important documents related with repairs in one place.

  • barcode
     Barcode Labels/QR Codes

    Barcode labels will help your businesses easily track stock and access key product data. In a single scan, you can see product details, stock on hand, pricing, and even complete a sale.

     Multi Language

    Use My Gadget Repairs in any language you prefer. My Gadget Repairs allows you to modify and customize any translation.

  • Customise-Your-Platfrom-Integrations
    3rd Party Integrations

    One of our specialties is integrating to third party apps and tools. We enjoy and continue to add integrations all the time. New integrations being added all the time

  • Point-Of-Sale
    Loan Devices Management

    Loan Device Management module enables you to track/issue loan devices in the best way possible. The system also reminds the customer when loan device has to return back.


    We have thousands of users from all over the world and are happy to continue adding regions. We support currency symbols, time zone and lots of others things.

  • Location-Filter
    Manage Multiole Location/Shops

    Our Big Chain plan supports your growth by allowing a single account to run multiple stores and give admins visibility into a single store or the whole set of locations.

  • Email-tracking

    Seehash presents a simple solution of bringing the emails in your mailbox then into your tickets automatically

  • Document-Management
    Document Manager

    Store all your most important documents related with repairs in one place.

  • Unlimited-Security
    GDPR Ready

    Everything you need to manage GDPR with confidence. Keep your customer’s data safe before and after GDPR.

  • Notifications
    Notification Alerts

    Never forget another repair ticket or outstanding invoice again. Prevent items from slipping through the cracks by keeping your team aware of them.

  • CloudMonitor
    Cloud Based

    No installation required. No expensive hardware required. Use My Gadget Repairs simply in the cloud.

  • User-Friendly-Checkout
    Easy To Use

    Book a new repair job in simple steps and provide easy workflows for technicians.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Easy to Use

    A clean and intuitive system designed to simplify your routine while giving you total control over all aspects of your business.

  • Personalized Support

    We have a team of ninjas ready to answer all your questions, with remote access support and lightning fast problem-solving

  • Low-Cost

    Get more for your money. Our POS system is an affordable system with all the features you need to manage your business.

  • Cloud Based

    No longer need a back office server to store your data. The secure and backed-up online cloud stores it for you. So sit back and relax.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Centralize-Event-Management

    Business Management.

    Manage Inventory, Custom Invoices, Manager & Cashier privileges, Cashier Punch Log, Vendor Settings & More.

  • Single-Integrated-System

    Full Repair Shop POS System.

    Create in-store repairs & tickets, create customer warranty issues, follow up with tickets, manager assets, unlocks, buybacks and more.

  • Powerful-Reports-Analytics

    Full Reporting System

    Transaction, Payout, Customer Data Wise, Profit, Cashier Sales, Store Closing, LCD Status, Buyback, Warranty, Special Order Reports & so much more.


Simplify your routine and boost productivity

Designed for small and medium-sized repair shops, Seehash POS was created to help you start better managing your business in minutes. Add unlimited services and products to the system, enter repair information to customer account history and more.


Auto Shop Manager

Manage services, maintenance programs, and products in real-time. Keep updated records of products sold and services performed to customers vehicles, create a list of suppliers and set an inventory level alert in order to expedite the reordering process.


Customer Solutions

Many ways to build customer loyalty. Create Customer and Business Accounts to track orders, visits, record maintenance information and more. Understand customer’s shopping behavior and improve your business decision-making.

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