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Restaurant POS


Restaurant POS System

Punch-In incoming orders, intimate the kitchen by printing KOTs, print receipts, track orders, manage customer database – all with our new age restaurant POS system


The industry sectors we served include

Restaurant POS features

  • Point-Of-Sale
    Point Of Sale

    Multiple hardware options; Diverse restaurant types; Several categories (Dine-in, Take away, Delivery and Room service); Promised quicker settlements.

  • Digital-Menu
    Digital Menu

    Paperless technological replacement to the menu books; Send KOTs in 3 keystrokes; Impress customers with a better food ordering experience.

  • Table-Reservation
    Table Reservation

    Online, Tele, and Walk-in modes; Study the footfall throughout; Manage tables effectively; Serve customers at their convenience.

  • mobile-application
    Online & Mobile App

    Tap the potential of the Internet; Bridge the gap with the customers; Handle orders easily; Increase delivery and sales.

  • Delivery-Integration
    Delivery Integration

    Quickly integrate with several aggregators; Receive online orders in the screens; Take your food to the doorsteps of the customers.

  • Delivery-Management
    Delivery Management

    Administer the delivery process throughout; Provide seamless delivery experience; Rate the accountability of employees; Build a loyal customer base.

  • Last-Mile-Delivery
    Last Mile Delivery

    Trace the parcels to the last mile; Measure reliability, transparency, and efficiency of the Delivery service; Ensure customer contentment.

  • Banquet-ODC
    Banquet & ODC

    Uncompromising solution to the catering needs; Customized menu; Discriminate pricing; Help customers have an indelible celebration.

  • Notifications-and-Emails
    Email & SMS

    Get to the forefront of customers’ minds; Promote, brand, and run campaigns with the two quick, cheap and essential means of communication.

    Inventory Management

    Track the inventory in real-time; Control food costs, Keep the stocks in right balance, Scrutinize consumption figures, Maintain uninterrupted supply.

  • Recipe-Management
    Recipe Management

    Get the recipe bank ready by mapping relevant ingredients; Calculate required food with Food Calculator; Balance operational costs; Avoid wastage.

  • Production-Planning
    Production Management

    Plan necessary day-to-day stocks; Make kitchens effective and productive; Save delivery time and expenses; Boost profits.

  • Kitchen-Display-System
    Kitchen Display System

    Calculate Dish preparation time, Kitchen time, and Customer spent time; Ensure timely delivery; Ascertain efficiency of the Kitchen floor.

  • Central-Kitchen-Store
    Central Kitchen/Store

    Centralised Kitchen/Store for multi-outlet businesses; Cost-effective tool to use fewer resources, manpower, space, and investments.

  • Day-Closure-Reports
    Reports & Analytics

    Get standard/customized reports to track the health of the business; Powerful, diversified, and extended reports.

  • Loyalty

    Build loyalty programs with previous customer data; Strengthen relationships and ensure customer retention.

  • Queries-and-Feedback
    Feedback App

    Get questions answered and evaluate the services offered; Compute the reliability, accountability, and effectiveness of the business.

  • Call-transfer
    Call Center

    Interact with customers; Guarantee customer service, satisfaction, association, and retention with quick resolutions.

  • Social-Media-Integration
    Social Media Integration

    Manage digital presence; Keep customers engaged; Nurture a devoted customer base; Increase brand recognition.

  • Ticket-Customer-insights-CRM
    Sales Insight App

    Monitor the sales on-the-go; Graphically represented data for easy understanding; Compare and survey the revenue across several categories.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Access Outside the Restaurant

    You can spend time away from your restaurant and still have a window into your sales with real-time reporting of all your locations.

  • Order Rapidly with Smart Modifiers

    Organize and color-code your menu the way you want to, so cashiers and servers can give customers exactly what they’re looking for – fast.

  • Attract More Loyal, Repeat Customers

    Toast is an all-in-one POS system, that brings customers back with built-in features like CRM software, loyalty programs, gift cards and more.

  • Swipe Credit Cards Faster Than Ever Before

    No more waiting for guests’ orders to process. Toast’s lightning-fast credit card processing helps move the line as fast as ever.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Swipe-Tap-Split-Checks-Seat-Guests

    Swipe, Tap, Split Checks, Seat Guests

    Servers and hosts both say that Toast is easy to use, fast to learn and significantly simplifies managing the front of the house.

  • Improve-Table-Turn-Time

    Improve Table Turn Time

    Toast’s handhelds send orders directly to the kitchen display system and help the front and back of the house become more in sync.

  • Never-Lose-an-Order

    Never Lose an Order

    With an offline mode that lets you take orders even without the Internet, Toast is the most reliable POS system for restaurants.


We’re now integrated with Online Food Ordering Portals

Now you can manage all your orders from the preferred food delivery companies like Zomato, Foodpanda, Swiggy, and UberEats with Seehash!. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach out to your customers with a timely delivery to build brand loyalty among your customers.


Manage your restaurant chains and franchises from a single place

Does your restaurant have multiple outlets in industry? A fast food chain?

Managing your big and small branch restaurants or franchises involves operations like billing, accounting and many more complex tasks. But with the help of Seehash restaurant management software’s Head Office module, take centralized control over all the connected branches or franchises with a command over menu items, rates, partial control over stock and inventory management of individual locations and more.


Intelligent inventory and stock management

Big results for small efforts. Seehash restaurant POS software offers a smart stock and inventory management software that provides you real-time tracking of inventory levels and ingredients which leads to increased cost-effectiveness and reduced wastage and discrepancies in stock, thence simplifying the stock management.


Elevate your customer’s dining experience with Seehash tablet menu

Adios paperback menu, now comes the savvy new digital restaurant menu. Designed to provide customers with an interactive ordering experience, the application works on both iPad and Android tablets. The order management system is enhanced with high-resolution pictures and food entrees description allowing easy item selection and order.


Third-party software and hardware integration

Seehash ! Restaurant Management Software is integrated with a plethora of third-party hardware and software systems. Caller ID systems, biometric devices, weigh scales, POS peripherals, financial accounting software, credit card server, PMS and much more.


Mobile App for Reports

Providing you with a unique opportunity to not be glued to your desktop, Seehash mobile app for restaurant POS reports will allow you to receive summarized reports right on your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad as well as letting you perform various restaurant operations on-the-go.

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