Sales Person Tracking


Real-Time Sales Person Tracking & Sales Management Software in Chennai

With our Real-time Sales person tracking and Sales management application,Track and manage sales reps out in the field. Turn your employees’ iPads, iPhones, Android, or any mobile device into a cutting edge mobile-workforce management tool. Set up geo-fences around customer sites to track and verify sales visit. Automate operations and lead dispatch using event-triggered workflow involving people, place, and time.

This amazing cloud application helps you to  monitor and organize your sales-force and hence automatically reduces time consumption of information gathering.With the touch of your phone, you can know where your employees are and what they are upto. Our application is easily scalable and can also be integrated with our Customer Management Application.

Our application provides actionable data-driven analytics that helps you optimize your sales operations. The interface gives a lot of information on the fingertips, thus helping business owners or Managers to get live reports of their Sales person and therefore, helping them get work done in a much transparent environment.


Real-time Sales person tracking

  • Location-Tracking

    Location Tracking

    Knowing where your field staffs are is easier now with Seehash

  • Leave-Attendance-Management

    Attendance Management

    Your Field Force can report to work from anywhere on the field

  • Visit-Management

    Visit Management

    Schedule visits and record visit outcomes from field locations

  • Expense-Reimbursement-Workflow

    Expense Reimbursement Workflow

    Simplified expense recording with transparent approval & disbursal!

  • Dashboard-Insights

    Dashboard & Insights

    Optimize your field operations with real-time information of your team.

  • Turn-By-Turn-Navigation

    Turn-By-Turn Navigation

    A real-time visual map pinpointing the location of the next meeting.

  • Customer-Address-Management

    Customer Address Management

    “Drop a Pin” to mark and save the places that you visit.

  • Collaborate-with-Team-Members

    Collaborate with Team Members

    View the real-time location & activities of your team members at a glance.

  • Instant-Messaging

    Instant Messaging

    Lets you interact with your field force and them with each other in real-time.

  • Activity-Report-Logging

    Activity Report Logging

    Report the meeting summary to team members and managers in real-time.

  • Custom-Forms

    Custom Forms

    Lets your field staff collect real-time data on their smartphones.

  • Offline-Mode

    Offline Mode

    Lets your field staff work seamlessly without an Internet connection.

Benefits to bank on

Automate sales operations using Sales person Tracking application

  • Dashboard

    The daily planner dashboard enables you to allocate daily meetings for each field representative.

  • Geo-tag Clients

    You can manage clients based on geographical zone to minimize transit and get location based analytics.

  • Collaborate easily

    You can manage all client conversations and internal collaborations through a sales team tracker

  • Transparent system

    Live tracking and ticketing makes your inter-term communications easier and straight-forward.

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What we offer

Benefits of Sales person tracking app

  • Real-time-tracking

    Real time tracking

    Manage your field force with real time geo location based tracking and productivity reports.

  • Real-time-data-capture

    Real time data capture

    Capture a variety of data types using customizable forms for market intelligence, surveys etc.

  • Attendance-Managementt

    Track Attendance

    Geo tagged, geo fenced, time stamped system to manage field force attendance.


On-Demand Location

Get On-demand location with or without an app on the phone, both indoors and outdoors with our Real-time Sales person tracking and Sales management application.Powerful Hybrid Positioning Systems using a combination of network assisted location, WiFi, and GPS.



Web application and mobile application to provide rich visualization of mobile assets in the field including employees phones, customer zones. Displays real-time activity data and job status in field. Provides a visual command-&-control center for daily activity monitoring especially for emergency responders, security personnel, transportation industry.


Location Enhanced Messaging

First-of-its kind location-enhanced (geotagged) 2-way communication capability using IVR, Text or In-app messaging for job dispatch & job status. Supports photographs for Proof of Delivery (POD) or Service and signature capture via custom development.


Strong Privacy Controls

Strong privacy controls for employees and companies. Empowers employees and contract workforce with fine grained controls over location tracking & messaging. CTIA approved and compliant with MMA / Mobile Carrier guidelines for privacy standards.


Custom Reports

Highly customizable reports including activity, attendance, audit compliance in various formats such as HTML, CSV, etc. Aggregate billable hours using electronic time sheet and update it to the Payroll system using excel upload..Reports compatible with most back-office accounting systems.


On-Demand Scalability

Add and remove devices (users, contract employees or drivers) on an ad-hoc basis. Simple setup allows easy on-demand scalability. Requires very little attention from IT or back office. Pay-per-use Software over the internet.


Rules & Alerts

Custom alerts based on real-world triggers such as speed, arrival / departure, delay / deviation and more. Alerts can be delivered via text, email or voice.

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