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Task Management Software

Seehash Task management software that removes the complexity from project management and puts you in control. With our application, you and your project team can quickly and easily set up new projects, assign and share tasks, share a centralized file library and calendar, send and receive notifications, and synchronize everything across all devices.


Feature List

  • Projects-Tasks-Events

    Projects, Tasks, Events

    Organize and categorize your work

  • Document-Storage

    Document Storage

    Upload and attach files to tasks and projects

  • Shared-Calendar

    Shared Calendar

    Overview of your team events in one calendar

  • Selective-Sharing-Permissions

    Selective Sharing Permissions

    Share with specific team members, choose who can modify or complete tasks

  • Time-Tracking

    Time Tracking

    Track time spent on tasks, generate spent time reports

  • Mobile-Apps

    Mobile Apps

    Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

  • Email-Tasks

    Email Tasks

    Create tasks by sending email to Seehash account

  • Notifications


    Email and mobile push notifications. Multiple reminders per task

  • Assignments


    Assign tasks to your team mates, get notified when task is updated or completed

  • Repeating-Tasks

    Repeating Tasks

    Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly repeating events

  • Reports


    Progress and spent time reporting

  • Team-Chat

    Team Chat

    Exchange messages without leaving your workspace

  • Issue-Tracking-Numbers

    Issue Tracking Numbers

    Reference items by unique number, used in issue tracking

  • Sub-tasks-and-Hierarchy

    Sub-tasks and Hierarchy

    Hierarchical nested task lists

  • Task-Comments

    Task Comments

    Add comments to tasks, get notified when comment is added

  • Color-Tagging

    Color Tagging

    Tag your tasks and projects with colors

  • Tags


    Categorize items by contexts

  • Multi-–-Lingual

    Multi – Lingual

    Support for Spanish, French, Portugese, Russian, Chinese and many more…

  • Outlook-Integration

    Outlook Integration

    Synchronize with Outlook calendar

  • Data-Export

    Data Export

    Export to Excel and other data format for external processing

  • Google-Calendar-Integration

    Google Calendar Integration

    Google Calendar and Tasks synchronization



  • All your projects’ information centralised in one place and accessible to appropriate people
  • Clear work allocation so everyone feels value
  • Get more done with less effort


  • Collect customer feedback over a coffee or an email and document it in a story
  • Design the corresponding action plan & complete it
  • Call your customer to share the good news!


Increase motivation & adaptability by dividing your project

Manage milestones and sprints with intermediate objectives to keep the pace and outperform each time!

Celebrate your success and review your work in efficient meetings

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