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Tendering Software, A Complete Procurement

Tender Management software solution is an online service that helps suppliers and buyers to interact with each other to achieve prominent efficiency in all aspects of a tendering process. Whether it is complex tendering or simple RFP/RFQ process, Tender Management helps an organization in executing an effective Eprocurement strategy and make your procurement or tendering function hassle free. It takes care of complete procurement life cycle, starting from vendor or supplier registration process till awarding the contract. By using this solution organizations can ensure the transparency of the entire tender management process.


eTender Key Benefits

  • Vendor-Supplier-Registration
    Vendor/Supplier Registration

  • Approval-Workflow
    Approval Workflow

  • Auto-Extraction-Of-Boq-List-From-Excel
    Auto Extraction Of Boq List From Excel

  • Integrated-Contract-Management
    Integrated Contract Management

  • RFP-Or-Tender-Creation-Revision-Extension
    RFP Or Tender Creation, Revision, Extension

  • Tender-Activity-Tracking-And-Reporting
    Tender Activity Tracking And Reporting

  • Suppliers-Portal
    Suppliers Portal

  • RFP-Publishing-Responding
    RFP Publishing & Responding

  • Decision-Workflow
    Decision Workflow

  • Clarification-Module
    Clarification Module

  • Document-Management
    Document Management

  • Full-Text-Search
    Full Text Search

  • Notifications-2

  • Integration-with-Financial-Systems
    Integration with Financial Systems

  • Version-Control-1
    Version Control

Benefits to bank on


  • Reduced eTender Costs

    Huge savings in man hours over traditional tendering methods as well as e-mail/dropbox and other major eTender solutions in the marketplace.

  • Reduced eTender Cycle Time

    Substantially reduces estimating and final purchase cycle time – speeds up mundane and repetitive tasks while improving quality and data integrity.

  • Better eTender (RFQ) returns

    Improved delivery and management of RFQ’s result in a much higher rate & better quality of returns.

  • Supplier Management

    Suppliers categorised and rated to suit your requirements, and easy to use PQQ facility for RFQ’s.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • eTender-Portal

    eTender Portal

    The Seehash eTender portal effortlessly manages your suppliers and your projects & tenders with the quickest and easiest to use system on the market.

  • eAuction-Module

    eAuction Module

    Our eBid module allows you to negotiate on your purchasing costs in a competitive real-time environment, which enables your organisation to make significant savings over and above traditional procurement methods.

  • Save-time

    Save time

    Remove time-consuming and labor-intensive manual processes of tendering and get a complete transparency in procurement process.


Robust Catalog Management

Our central platform empowers you to manage simple or complex user-access rules and to enable requisitioners to always see updated, consistent catalog options with product validation from suppliers.


Guided Requisition Management

Guide shoppers to approved catalogs, contracts, eForms, workflows, and suppliers for any type of requisition with exclusive Guided Buying technology from Seehash.


Simple Purchase Order Management

Eliminate double data entry with easy flipping of requisitions to POs or rapid sourcing events, covering all catalog-based, free-form, and blanket orders.

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