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Social Ecommerce


Expert IT services for the banking Industry

Increase the acquisition of new customers and retain your best customers through Social Sharing, Rewards and Recognition, and an integrated suite of services that allow you to distribute your product and solution utilizing now just your social networks, but those of all your customers.


To Know About Seehash

  • Category-wise-product-discussions

    Category-wise product discussions

    Your users would get a variety of product sub-categories on which they can share their opinions, feedback and help each other make better purchase decisions.

  • Create-collections

    Create collections

    Users can create their own personalized collection of products that they like and exhibit it to other users. In the collection, they can tag the products, where they would also have purchase icons.

  • Product-related-articles

    Product related articles

    There would be supporting articles to entice better purchase decisions and make the user more informed about the products and related trends.

  • Top-influencers

    Top influencers

    Popular designers or sellers would rise as top influencers in the community and can resolve user queries, be their guides and suggest better product choices.

  • Follow-product-categories-and-tags

    Follow product categories and tags

    Inside the community, users would be able to follow product categories of their choice and specific hashtags.

  • Advanced-analytics

    Advanced analytics

    Our social network e-commerce team excels in buyer insights thanks to the advance analytics tools that we use. You will be able to predict a buyer’s purchase decisions.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • e-commerce experts

    Our team is a bunch of e-commerce freaks who love trying out anything and everything online. For a living, we use these purchase insights for developing winning social network e-commerce apps. We know what sells.

  • User experience

    Being a design thinking company, user empathy is at the core of our social commerce strategy. We can get inside the buying psyche of any kind of users.

  • Custom online

    Our goal is to make you exceptional in the e-commerce race. That’s precisely why we don’t make simple e-commerce platforms anymore. The social e-commerce blend will keep you ahead of the curve.

  • Highly optimizable

    We build all of our social e-commerce platforms and solutions on world’s best social network framework called vSocial. It helps you scale up smoothly and optimize faster.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Smart-Inventory

    Smart Inventory

    Make smarter inventory and product development choices by asking customers to vote on the products they’d like to purchase.

  • Brand-Awareness

    Brand Awareness

    Improve product discovery and awareness, personalize the customer experience based on known preferences.

  • Convenience-Flexibility

    Convenience & Flexibility

    Increase the number of conversations about your products and reach new customers you might not have otherwise.


Product discovery insights

Customers would be inspired by ideas of various products, their applications, their feedback and ratings to induce purchase.


Continuous customer engagement

Get your customers totally addicted to your platform with product discussions around various categories, fashion and lifestyle articles, chats and a lot more.


User interaction

This social e-commerce integration platform can also act as a support community where customers can voice their complaints and problems about the product and empathize about products, services and usage.


Market research made easy

We would provide you with such analytical tools on the backend that would help you get both demographic and psychographic details about your target market.

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